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Jun 14, 2007 01:58 PM

Theater District North?

Hello all, former NYer, current Bay Area resident here. I'm going to see the Fantastiks in 2 weeks and need some dinner ideas for a Monday night. The theater is on 50th St between Broadway & 8th. I'm not familiar with restaurants in that area, usually I end up in the lower 40's. Looking for something casual, maybe Italian, burgers/bbq, Mexican or something trendy but not too expensive. Nothing *spicy* as (a) I can't handle too much spice and (b) I'm treating my niece, a friend of hers is coming as well, and I don't know their tastes. I guess I just need to play it safe. Any ideas?

Bonus karma points to you if you can give me a street address. Many thanks!!

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  1. You could go to Joe Allen's for good burgers - don't know how old your niece is, but that might be fun. I don't have the street address, but I hear there's a good link on Site Talk (smile).

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      I've been to Joe Allen before, that's a good idea. I'd forgotten about that one. I recall it's on 46th around 9th. Thanks.

      1. re: rednails

        I looked it up - you are right - 326 W 46th St - from the map it looks like it is closer to 8th, which is better for you anyway. Hope you took my little joke in stride!

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          "No harm, no foul." Yep, I got it, that's why I mentioned extra karma points!

          I would, tho, like to get closer to 50th if possible, since we'll be out all day, shopping etc, and I think by that time, the less walking the better. We're coming from Brooklyn (I'm staying with my mother, of course), we're taking the subway in, and then I don't know yet where we'll end up. But I do like the idea of Joe Allen, especially since I don't think my niece has been there, and she'll like it. She's post-college, as is her friend, that's why I mentioned trendy.....

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            I'll try to think of something else - though that really is a 5 minute walk.

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              What about Roberto Passon:


              I've never been there but lots of others on this board speak highly.

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                That looks pretty good, despite the mixed reviews. It's either that or Joe Allen's. Thanks!

                1. re: egit

                  I have been several times and love their food. Definitely go there.

                  If you want very casual, there is always Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien Hotel on 56th Street bet. 6th & 7th Ave. Arriba Arriba for Mexican on 51st St. & 9th Ave. and Eatery on 53rd St. & 9th Ave. for solid American are good too.

        2. On 9th Ave, between 50th and 51st Streets lie 2 restaurants that would fit the bill.
          Vynl and Nook. Vynl has some of the flashiest and fun decor in the neighborhood and surprisingly decent food. Don't think too much of the thai selections but the other more American stuff is food.
          Nook is BYO, very small and cute, and consistently good food.

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          1. re: xigua

            Vinyl looks good too. Too many choices, I'll have to put it to a vote. Thanks!

            1. re: rednails

              rednails....suggest Thalia...828 8th Ave. @50th (goin' for that good karma)....New American, and meets your criteria for "safe" but tasty...follow--follow.follow.follow...

          2. I'm finally getting back to post on my visit. We planned on going to Vinyl, and ended up at Uncle Nick's Ouzaria across the street. 3 of us shared a few plates: Fried Eggplant with Skordalia Dip, Lamb Meatballs w/Red Wine Sauce, Saganaki, and 2 more that I can't recall right now (I still have vacation brain), and a bottle of Columbia Crest Chard. Total bill before tip was about $78.00. Service was efficient and pleasant. Nice atmosphere. I'd definitely go back if in the area.

            Thanks again for all the recs. And drumwine, I did send some good karma your way, hope you got it!