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Jun 14, 2007 01:54 PM

Wedding on NE Coast

ISO a wedding venue, anywhere from Greenwich, CT to Cape Cod. I am looking for a place with great food, a venue that holds only one event at time, and one that is nice whether the event is inside or out. For 150 guest or so. I feel like I have been doing research like crazy, and nothing seems to have everything I want.

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  1. I've been to spectacular weddings at the two places below. One is in Ipswich, MA, the other in Thompson, CT.

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      thanks...these are great suggestions. May I ask what you particularly enjoyed about these places?

        1. re: SarahSparkles

          Absolutely everything! The food, the service, the venues, all beautiful. I was a member of the wedding party at Lord Thompson Manor and so attended the menu tasting there as well. They really do an excellent job all around.

      1. Suggestion of Newport RI: Castle Hill the view, service and food are all spectacular. Ocean Cliff, and I just went to a wedding at the Atlantic beach club. Everything had been beautifully renovated. The view even on that day( was raining) was amazing and...the food was unbelievable. The Hyatt and The Marriot in Newport also do a great job. Bay Voyage in Jamestown RI is fantastic the view, food and service are all terrrific. In Narragansett RI the Narragansett Towers is Nice however you need to bring in a caterer- Blackstone caterering, and West Bay Gourmet do many functions there.
        Best of luck

        1. A little further north than Cape Cod is Rockport, MA. My daugter was married at Emerson Inn by the Sea in May several years ago. It was a "destination wedding" so we guaranteed all the rooms at the inn for Friday and Saturday for the bridal party and wedding guests. The wedding itself was on the grounds overlooking the ocean at 5:00 PM with the reception following in the inn. On Saturday all day the entire inn and the grounds were reserved for the wedding. The staff couldn't have been nicer and the food was to die for. My daughter and son-in-law were able to have everything exactly as they wanted. The rehearsal dinner on Friday night was held elsewhere in Rockport, at The Greenery Restaurant, overlooking Rockport Harbor. The food and service there were excellent as well, although parking in the area was very limited. At the time of my daughter's wedding, Rockport was "dry" so we had to supply liquor separately; however a few years ago the town voted to allow limited liquor service with meals,so that should no longer be a concern. I highly recommend Emerson Inn by the Sea.