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Jun 14, 2007 01:45 PM

Crabby in Tucson

I may be looking for the impossible smack dab in the desert as the temperature soars to 105 degrees, but I have a craving for soft shell crabs. Does anyone know of a restaurant in Tucson that serves fresh soft shell crabs or a store that might sell them?
I checked the Rincon Market (a great place for fish) but they said, "no go" unless I wanted to order several dozen. I haven't seen any at the upscale A.J.'s either but have been a bit gun shy about purchasing fish there since I have had two questionable purchases.
Thanks for your help in quieting the craving.

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  1. Costco usually has a pretty decent seafood selection.

      1. You are probably not going to find fresh soft shell crabs in Tucson. The only ones that I have seen available from wholesalers are frozen. You could try ordering them from the 17th street market or asking at your favorite independent restaurant if they would order some for you. But the cost of flying fresh soft shell crabs to Tucson is expensive. You would probably be better off buying the frozen crabs which any market can order for you.