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Jun 14, 2007 01:34 PM


I don't get this. Cane's just opened in my neighborhood, and one of my co-workers got excited. Great chicken fingers! he said. OK...but how can a place do such a booming business selling nothing but chicken fingers?

I haven't been there yet. Are the chicken fingers really that fabulous?

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  1. No, they are not. There was a discussion of Cane's a few months back. I don't recall anyone singing Cane's praises. There are better options.

    1. That just seems really bizarre- just one "main" menu item!?

      Cain's has close to 4 stores opening here in Las Vegas- only 1 is actually open for business. I was tempted to stop by and see what they are all about, but thanks to chowhound, I don't have to bother, now!

      1. Okay I live in Louisiana where Cane's is from and I have even worked at Cane's. The chicken fingers ARE bland. I'm not going to lie. However, the sauce and the toast make up for it.

        THE ORDER TO PLACE is::: Sandwich on toast --- no lettuce --- sauce on side --- butter both sides of the toast.

        Around here we call it the "Cane's Worker Special" . You get three chicken fingers and two toast for the same price as the regular three finger meal. It saves you like 70 cents but it's REALLY fun to confuse the new workers. LoL

        But Cane's CHICKEN FINGERS isn't to be praised. You're all right and yes it does taste like Guthrie's but when there's no Guthries and there IS a Cane's -- It's a damn good substitute

        1. I love Raising Cane's chicken as well as the Texas toast and fries. I don't care for the sauce or their cole slaw.

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            Let me also add that they have the best fresh squeezed lemonade around.

          2. As chicken fingers go, they're pretty much as good as you'll get. Unless you have a Popeye's nearby, of course.