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best birthday/layer cake?

Hungry Celeste Jun 14, 2007 01:31 PM

So who has the best birthday/layer cake these days? The old standby Swiss Confectionery is still good...I haven't had a Maurice's cake since K, and my last Gambino's cake was so sugary-sweet my teeth ached for an hour. Are the cakes from Au Delice any good? Have any new places popped up since the storm? TIA.

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  1. j
    JGrey RE: Hungry Celeste Jun 14, 2007 02:14 PM

    Someone brought an Au Delice cake to a dinner I went to a while back. Chocolate buttercream something or other. I'm not a big frosting person, but this wasn't too sweet at all, in fact, you could almost taste the butter more than the sugar. I thought it was very good, it looked and tasted very elegant. Everyone always raves about Flour Power, but I've never been.

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    1. re: JGrey
      Hungry Celeste RE: JGrey Jun 14, 2007 02:18 PM

      I'm headed to O'Delice right now...it has cakes available for pickup. I'm hoping for some fresh-fruit garnish. We'll see.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste
        kevin RE: Hungry Celeste Jun 15, 2007 02:01 PM

        does anyone know if Kpaul's does whole layer coconut cakes? that may be the ticket. and how much would it cost if anyone has ordered it before?

        1. re: kevin
          kpangaro RE: kevin Jun 15, 2007 04:15 PM

          Flour Power in Chalmette. Amazing Layered cakes. Truly.

    2. g
      geegeeTX RE: Hungry Celeste Jun 16, 2007 04:23 AM

      La Boulangerie has an amazing Black Forest Cake (special order only). I highly recommend it!

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