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Jun 14, 2007 01:29 PM

bachelorette party

Doing a bachelorette in LA - staying at the chateau...need a GREAT, amazing food and fun/cool atmosphere place to go. Not worried about price, just want to have a great meal and a great time....suggestions?

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  1. How many people, what night, what age group, are you driving or walking? And definitely at least have drinks at the Chateau...

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    1. re: hyacinthgirl

      Asia De Cuba ! You will love the location and the food!

    2. agree with hyacinth - have drinks at the chateau. be 'non-traditional' and go for steaks at boa.

      1. Without knowing more specifics...
        A.O.C. might be my pick
        Table 8
        Cobras & Matadors
        Also consider The Buffalo Club in SM (it might be a bit of a ride for you, but fun)
        Citizen Smith, Republic and Social Hollywood are fun
        Katana for fun Japanese and sushi
        Providence and Dakota are higher end *fun*

        1. I second Asia de Cuba, but would add that it would be lovely on the patio.

          1. Asia de Cuba. Wonderful drinks, wonderful food, at dinner it's all served family style for sharing. Best side dishes to order are the lobster mash and the plantain fried rice with avocado - SO GREAT! The coconut sticky rice is pretty good too.

            Ask for seating outside when you make the reservation, and ask if they can do anything to help you get into the adjacent Skybar area after your dinner - it's a gorgeous view, pool, and outdoor bar. Being a bunch of females and a bachelorette party to boot, this shouldn't be too difficult...