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Jun 14, 2007 01:11 PM

Koi at Bryant Park

What is the general consenus on koi? Is it good and how expensive is it really.

Going tonight and want to set my expectations.

Any and all thoughts welcome and appreciated.

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  1. This might be too late, but...

    The food at Koi is quite good. Sushi is fresh and tasty but tends to be quite small. They do a seafood miso soup that is excellent. Service is iffy. I've had a couple of really good servers there, but more times have had one who are a bit snotty or just didn't seem to care that much.

    It's not the neighborhood sushi place cheap...but not wallet breaking either.

    1. what did you think of your meal? it's not a standout new york restaurant but i still really like it. mainly because of the spicy tuna on crispy rice appetizer that is delicious.