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Jun 14, 2007 01:09 PM

Solo Dinner (this Sunday) in Montreal

Greetings Montreal hounds,

I'll be in Montreal one night only (June 17) and am looking for a good spot down town for a solo dinner. I'll be staying at the Delta Inn and would certainly prefer a spot that I could walk to, let's say within a mile of the hotel.

I'm always interested in good ethnic restaurants (had a great meal at an Indian restaurant there about four years ago). Oh yes, my French is VERY basic.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are two Delta's in downtown Montreal -- which one are you staying at?

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    1. re: Fritzy

      I'll be at the one near Sherbrooke W.

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        Many fine restaurants in Montreal are closed on Sunday. Here are a few that are open and are in walking distance:

        Very close to you is: Le Caveau (Southern French) 2063 Victoria, corner of President Kennedy; Tel: 514-844-1624; in a three story Victorian, nice ambience, good, but by no means extraordinary, French bourgeois cuisine.

        Better Southern French (but probably close to a mile’s walk) is: Le Mas des Oliviers, 1216 Bishop Tel : 514-861-6733

        Pretty close to you with nice ambience is: L’Aromate Bistro, 1410 Peel, Tel:514-847-9005. website:

        Still another alternative is the Russian place: Troika, 2171 rue Crescent; phone:514- 849-9333

        Other Chowhounders might suggest some other “ethnic” restaurants in the area.

    2. Hiya! Are you staying at the Delta on Sherbrooke W., or the Delta on University? If you're staying at the Delta on University, Chinatown is within fairly easy walking distance (you can head down Notre-Dame or St-Jacques), and they speak English in most places. My recommendation would be Restaurant Hong Kong - great Cantonese chow mein, chicken w/ginger & shallots, and BBQ pork & duck plates. 1019 St-Laurent, corner La Gauchetiere.

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        i have to add niu kee to this, just a short walk from there at rene levesque.
        the spice flower has been slightly pared down, but it's still the only place i know of in the city that offers that food-euphoria after you eat it. see other posts for more details!

      2. If you like tapas, walk 4 blocks or so along Sherbrooke St. to the corner of St-Laurent. on the south east corner is MAP - the sister to Pintxo's.

        I went a month ago (shortly after it's opening) and was very pleased by the delicously tasty morsels, some were so good we ordered more of the same. The decor is nice sleek urban. The menu has main courses but I didn't even bother with them - only had the tapas (pintxos)

        Their tel is 514-843-8881

        1. Thanks to all who replied. As fate would have it, I arrived in Montreal way ahead of schedule (not much traffic on father's day) at about 3 PM. So...I decided to have a late lunch and treated myself to one of Montreal's famous smoked meat sandwiches and a pile of fries that were the best I'd had in a very long time. No room for dinner! I did, however, scope out some of the places mentioned for when I return.

          Sorry, can't remember the name of the deli I went to but it was just off St. Catherine's, was very cool (in temperature) and just what I wanted on a hot Sunday afternoon!

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            Musta been Dunn's... Not even the best smoked meat available (by far!), start salivating for your next trip... :-)

            1. re: ScoobySnacks20

              Spare me the suspense! Where should I go in Montreal for the 'best smoked meat'. Smoked meat is basically unknown in the NJ/NYC area where I live.