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Jun 14, 2007 01:07 PM

Narragansett to Charlestown RI?

I'm looking for gourmet shops or small markets w/prepared foods - any ideas? I have an obligation in Narragansett Saturday morning (coming from northern RI) and heading to Charlestown in the afternoon for a potluck. I'm quite lazy, so I don't see making something and packing it in a cooler as an option. Is there someplace around Wakefield I could get something to go? I looked at yahoo yellowpages w/no luck. TIA!

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  1. Wickford Gourmet might be an option, depending on where you are going in Narragansett, it would be a little bit of a back track, but do-able, and they have a pretty extensive selection.

    1. The new Belmont Market is finally open in Narragansett (Pier Marketplace). They have plenty of prepared food, desserts, etc. However, the Wakefield Belmont Market is twice the size and therefore has about twice as much in terms of choices. I guess either of those could be on your way to Route 1 toward Charlestown. Sometimes heading out in that direction I stop at Chelo’s in Wakefield to pick up one of their great desserts. We love the blueberry cream pie, but I think it’s seasonal and the blueberries may not be ready yet.

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          Right! I forgot about their prepared food section. Thanks for mentioning.

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          A suggestion at Belmont in Wakefield...Sushi Go (from Newport) is located right after the prepared food section. They prepare everything fresh right there and do a great job, you can place your order and walk around the store while they prepare it. It is not "supermarket sushi" .They really do a great job. You can also call ahead and they will have it ready for you, they have also won several awards with RI Monthly

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            And both Belmont Markets sell Allie's donuts, fresh daily of course. Take 'em home, heat 'em up in the microwave for 10 or 15 seconds, and you will be a hero. It's the next best thing to getting them warm at Allie's. although not the same experience.

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              After bugging you all for options I took the easy way out.....I showed up w/a bottle of rum, soda water, mint & limes....when you give people mojitos, they don't focus on the fact that everyone was supposed to bring food.

          2. Thanks everyone! I think Belmont Mkt is the way for me to go.

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              Definitely, Belmont's is the way to go.

              Jerry Saywell