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Jun 14, 2007 12:44 PM

Best beer in Vegas?

What is the most enjoyable beer (preferably local brew to the area) that I can enjoy while I am in on Vegas? Would also love to have it on tap in a good atmosphere.

I know you cant beat drinking a big boy 24-oz can on the strip, but Im looking for something new and interesting that can also be fun. Thanks alot.

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  1. Check this site for a quide and reviews for good beer places in Vegas.

    1. I've been to a couple of the brewpubs in Las Vegas, and there was nothing memorable. For a memorable beer experience, go off the strip to Rosemary's Restaurant. They have a good selection, and pair their kitchen items with beer.

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        Ill be traveling without car, so would need to take a cab. Ive seen rosemary's recommended all over chowhound for many different reasons- is it really worth the trip?

        I hate leaving the strip out of sheer laziness but it seems to be a hit. and the fact that it was recommended on a beer string really just tops it off in curiousity for me.


      2. Sin City Amber is pretty good. They have a small bar in the Miracle Mile shops in Planet Hollywood, but you can also find it around town.

        1. Ellis Island, off the strip, brews their own. The taste is good, but not great. Here's what's great about it: get your beer from the bar & it's only $1. Put your name in at the restaurant in the corner (not the BBQ join, not the lounge). Then, after a couple of beers, your party's name is called and you can take your beverage into the restaurant with you. Once in the restaurant order their filet special. It's not on the menu, but you get a very nice cut of filet, veg of the day, & potato--ALL FOR $5! This meal would score a 6.5 if I spent $25 on it. It is a solid 10 when you figure in value.

          Hofbrauhaus is another choice (not far from Ellis Island & across the intersection from Hard Rock). Good German cuisine and solid beers.

          1. Try the Freakin' Frog - 4700 S Maryland Parkway just off the Strip. It's an interesting beer cafe with a huge selection. Take a tour of the beer cooler (hundreds of beautiful brews) and stay for a show. No cover, no gambling no angst! Just great beer and entertainment.