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Jun 14, 2007 12:37 PM

Which Palm Springs Restaurant?

My wife and I are heading tomorrow to Palm Springs for one night and have narrowed the dinner options to the following:
1. Pacifica
2. Europa
3. Blend
4. La Valluris
5. Zin
6. Roy's

Any votes for which restaurant we should pursue? Feel free to recommend other restaurants. This is our first venture to the Palm Springs area and these restaurants are based on independent research. We are heading to PS to celebrate our anniversary, so price isn't a concern. We are most interested in great food and to a lesser degree, great atmosphere.

Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. Blend is in Old Town La Quinta so if you are staying in PS it is about a 25 min drive. I would keep that in mind if you are planning on having wine. The food there is very good, the wine list small but good and the service a little slow but attentive when they are there. Atmosphere is nice as well, nicely placed tables.
    I went to Pacifica 2 x in the last month and thought it was ok but not great. The food didn't impress me either for lunch or dinner. Atmosphere is nothing special.
    The last reports I have heard about Europa - don't go. It isn't what it used to be. The same with Roy's. Service was very slow, food even slower and not what the menu described and they put us at a table in the middle of the dining room even though we had reservations a month ahead for a booth.
    Zin has fantastic food and wine. The last time I was there they gave us a big table for 4 people even though we only had 2 - They said it was toward the end of the night and we looked like we wanted some alone time......everything was perfect. It is more of a Bistro atmosphere, busy, friendly and warm.
    La Valluris has good classic French food. If that is what you want it is good but I personally think it is a bit over $$$ and stuffy.
    Johannes is another nice option in PS, although on Fridays the Chef may or may not be there. Big tables, no booths very classic, clean new decor.
    Happy Anniversary

    1. I'm thinking romantic, since it's an anniversary -
      Pacifica - No, not romantic at all, also quite a drive
      Europa - see psfoodgirl's comments
      Blend - excellent & we especially enjoyed the patio (altho hot now!), but again, it is a very long drive and I'd think twice if staying IN Palm Springs, instead of La Quinta or Indian Wells.
      Le Valluris - VERY romantic, especially the patio. We've always done well there, except for NYE, but reviews are mixed.
      Zin - Haven't been, but good reports
      Roy's - Good food, but not what I would consider romantic at all... Again, a drive, but not as far as the others.
      Johannes I'm mixed on. Don't think of it as particularly romantic & the one time we ate there, food results were very mixed. It's been awhile, though.

      Happy Anniversary!

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        Thanks for your excellent feedback. It's great reading your unbiased recommendations of each restaurant. We are actually staying at the La Quinta resort, so I think we'll try Blend. I'll let you know how it goes!

        1. re: wastacy

          Perfect! Enjoy - especially the foie gras! I'm really regretting not having done their tasting menu - next trip! There's also a special June menu for $40 I think / 4 courses, but they're more off the regular menu than the tasting.

          1. re: torta basilica

            My wife and I both had the five course tasting menu for $50 apiece. This was our first trip to La Quinta, but you will be hard pressed to find a better restaurant in town. Each course was excellent. We especially liked the grilled prawn salad and the flat iron with Pomme Frites and Red Wine Sauce. Even the homemade sorbets were excellent. My favorite dessert was the Caramel and Banana Mousse Tart with Banana Ice Cream.

            The service was impeccable. I recommend the tasting menu paired with wine. Our waiter did an excellent job pairing wines with each course.

            By the way, the restaurant is closed for the month of July.