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Jun 14, 2007 12:33 PM

PHX - White Chocolate Grill

Went to WCG Tuesday night. WCG is located at Mayo Blvd. near Scottsdale Rd, towards the eastern end of the strip mall on the north side of Mayo. It was almost empty early on (we got there at 5:30) but filled up pretty fast. Atmosphere was nice, a little dark, and a bit loud as we finished our meal, but overall pretty impressive decor.
Food: I ordered the Cajun Chicken Sandwich, with the carrots as a side. The sandwich was really flavorful, and plenty moist. The were really generous with the chicken and with the pepperjack cheese, which made the meal feel like a good value (at 10.50). The carrots - I would avoid. Too sweet - really kind of monolithic flavor. I would have liked to have tried the Couscous. Other entrees at my table were the Basalmic Ribeye, Parmesan Crusted Filet, and crab cakes. I sampled the crab cakes, very nice, and then my table shared three desserts.
I think my favorite was the bread pudding, but the Hot Chocolate Souffle was also very good, and the White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie was also good.

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    1. re: mamamia

      I heard WCG is run by people who used to be associated with Houstons. I love Houston's burgers, so maybe they do it simlar. I haven't tried WCG, but I do want to try their burgers

      1. re: Firenza00

        The Houstons link is correct. There are a few things on the menu that are similar - the burger, the ribs, the pork chop, the couscous side

        Even the look of the menu is similar.

        1. re: mamamia

          We frequent the White Chocolate Grill.....The Blue Cheese Burger Rocks as does the Steak Salad. The Tomato Gin Soup is's a meal in a bowl!
          The Couscous is a favorite as are the thin crips fries........
          It'd a fun place to hang after a movie @ the Cine Capri......The Burgers are large enough to share!

          1. re: mamamia

            Great food! but they are not owned by the same company as Houstons.
            Love the desserts!

            1. re: canadianfoodie

              To my knowledge, WCG was started by the same people who dreamed up Houstons. That's why there are strange coincidental similarities to the two menus.
              So not owned by the same company, but same source.

              1. re: mamamia

                Not quite, but close. The owner was in management at Houstons but had no ownership at all. He, and his partners, went through the management training program at Houston's, which is among the most revered in the industry for those who want on-the-street practical knowledge of how to run a restaurant. Whether you like Houston's or not, it's undeniable that the place is a smooth operation where everyone knows their role and works as a well-oiled team. When I was in business school we actual studied the Houston's restaurant as a model of operational efficiency.

                The Beal family owns Houston's and has never been affiliated with WCG in any way at all. Trust me on this one, I used to know their daughter well. (Long story.) WCG is a blatant rip-off of Houston's, but I actually like it better since it's basically the same food and same atmostphere all at a very small fraction of the wait-time, if any at all. I'm a fan. It's a chain restuarant done well, just like its inspiration. And the WCG owners are truly nice people who will go out of their way to make sure you're happy.

                1. re: ejs1492

                  We like Houston's a lot, and one of the reasons is the terrific, consistent service. We keep meaning to try White Chocolate Grill, but haven't been yet.

                  I know chains get a bad rap on here, but there are some I like a lot, and Houston's is one of them. There are bad chains and good chains, just like there are good and bad independents.

      2. We went for the first time earlier this week. Nice atmosphere, friendly efficient service, and enjoyed our meal, with highlights for me being the tomato soup made with Tanqueray Gin - a flavorful bowl of creamy tomato soup filled with chuncks of tomato, sliced mushrooms, and diced bacon - and the smoky grilled artichokes dusted with parmesan cheese.

        1. I always get the Tomato Gin soup there. Easily one of my favorite soups in town. I also drink enough fresh squeezed lemonade there to tear up the inside of my mouth. Its some really good lemonade in a sugar rimmed glass.

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          1. re: ValleyFever

            They had a restaurant in Vegas and it closed now my whole family is crying because we can't get the Tomato Gin soup. Is there any hope of getting the recipe? Its the best tomato soup we've ever had (consensus, here) and we LOVE tomato soup.

          2. I was invited there for lunch, and the burger was pretty good for the price. Yes, I have had better, but have also paid more for many of those.

            Not sure that I would put it on my B-list, but I did enjoy myself, especially as a fellow CH'er was there.


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              The WCG is what it is, a Houston's clone (I think it was founded by former execs of Houston's). I must admit I love the Maytag Burger. It does scratch a certain "itch".

            2. Boy, that sounds really good. I want to go there right now.