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Jun 14, 2007 12:13 PM

Paulina's Pizzeria Tallahassee

I tried Paulina's, which is located in the newish Publix shopping center near Cross Creek. I had pizza and greek salad - the menu is very limited. Salad , they offer four types in a price range from 3 to 9.5 dollars, pizzas, or choose between three different types of Tortellini Afredo and spaghetti.

As much as I wanted to really like this place- the owners and wait staff were so nice- it was not a place that I would revisit. The salad was fine - they could have been a little more generous with the ingrediants but used mixed greens as opposed to iceburg which scores points in my book. For 4.5 it was pricey considering the very small portion. The pizza just had a horrible - home ec class- style crust. It was bread like in texture, soft with no crustiness or crispness. The toppings were average.

They are opened Tuesday through Sunday at 5PM.

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  1. Wow, you must have been there on an off night!

    I've been several times and always found the pizza to be awesome. I haven't tried their salads, so I have no idea if they are good or not. The special pizza with spicy sauce is awesome!

    I'll go there again, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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      I thought the food was fair but overpriced. Why spend that much money when you can get a better, bigger pie from Momo's, Decent, or Broadway?

    2. I have visited this restaurant on many occasions, they are close to my home. The first time I went, I was expecting just a little pizza place, but was happy to find out that it was a real restaurant, not just a little pizzeria. As far as I'm concerned, their pizzas are the best in Tallahassee, and I love the Greek style pizza they have.
      They are a few dollars more than some places, but it's worth it to go to a clean place owned by a local couple who care about their customers. Not to mention, none of the staff has ever been rude or unfriendly, I can't say that for Momos or Decent.

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      1. re: mjolene

        I've never had anything but a good experience with Momo's or Decent. I love Village's pizza margherita, too. And the people who work there are always nice.

      2. i went there randomly one night when i was looking for a movie gallery. I thought i was going to get just some ordinary pizza however it was amazing. Now understand, I am a student from FSU so I'm on a tight budget and really eat closer to campus. Yes, Ive had Momo's and decent pizza and in my opinion its just different. Both of those are NY style pizzas and Paulinas is gournmet pizza I would say more similar to mellow mushroom or california pizza kitchen. It is expensive as far as pizza goes but its very filling. More for those who enjoy good food rather then food by the gallon. Service is amazing as well. I love pizza and this is by far my favorite place for it. :-)

        1. I used to love going to Paulina's, but it seems that things have changed. The servers that I've had the past couple of months have been good if you think emotionless robots are good. They have no pizazz, and they don't seem to really care at all about their customers. I've always thought the pizza was a tad overpriced, but it was worth it when the service and atmosphere was good. I just get the feeling that all the smiles there are fake. I definitely like Momo's much better, because it's more for your money, and the crust is actually edible.

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          1. re: Greykitty12

            Since Chanelo's closed on Tenn. St. (I am dating myself here, anyone else remember it???) the best pizza in Tallahassee has been at Barnaby's. I have tried them all, numerous times. Also good are Decent and one everyone else seems to ignore: Three Guys From NY, on W. Tenn. St.

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              I recently wrote a review on Paulina’s Pizzeria that was untrue and unfair. I was only trying to make my friend who works there look good, so she could afford to take more time off to come visit me on the weekends. I even got her in trouble at work for it. I based the reviews off some little things she said, but I just played them up, a lot. It’s not fair to the owners of the business, and I didn’t think about anything other then my own selfish reasons. Please disregard my reviews.

              1. re: Greykitty12

                Do us all a favor and quit posting completly.

                1. re: steakman55

                  I agree.
                  We have tried a few places for pizza all aforementioned. We prefer Momo's pizza...but only on the one on tennessee. At the other location, the food doesn't taste the same. I should state that aside from Neapolitan style pizza which we can't get in Tally, I prefer NY style pizza.
                  I don't care for California pizza kitchen and the likes. I guess you could say that I am a pizza purist. To me, Thai flavored chicken doesn't belong on a pizza.

            2. This review is obviously very old because this is not the case at Paulina's anymore these days. I just ate there for date night, where they have a menu for two that includes an appetizer, salad, pizza and dessert. The appetizer we chose was a baked feta served with bread. It was absolutely delicious. They used very high quality cheese and prepared it very well. The salad was possibly the best salad I have ever eaten. They did not use iceburg lettuce, but mixed greens, with a delicious vinegarette. It also came with artichokes, big hunks of that same high quality feta, as well as shirmp and scallops. Out of this world. The pizza we chose was the alfesto, that had a base of a sauce made from a mixture of alfredo and pesto. It was delicious and I was very impressed. The chocolate creme brulee dessert was also out of this world. The wait staff was very nice and both the owners came over to our table during the meal in a very nonobtrusive way to make sure everything was great. It was, and I would definitely go back and tell anyone considering it to try it out.