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Jun 14, 2007 11:53 AM

Lee's Sandwiches Banh Mi Recs

Hey All,

I'm getting a whole bunch of sandwiches for a party and I'm chosing Lee's Sandwiches in SGV. I agree with a lot of posts saying that they are not the best, but they will be the easiest to deal with because of the volume.

I really like their veggie sandwich, but was not too fond of their roast pork.

Does anyone have a sandwich that they think is excellent or very good?

I'm gonna have to order without tasting, so I would love to hear your experiences.

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  1. If you're going to the Brookhurst & Westminster location to pick up Lee's, I'd suggest going to Brodard across the street for a tray of goi cuon. They are hit for parties and they can individually wrap them in saran wrap.

    1. I'm not too sure if any of Lee's sandwiches are "excellent or very good". The sandwiches can be good, okay, or not so good depending on which location and time. I usually order their grilled pork sandwich, but it sounds like you are not too fond of that (roast pork = grilled pork?). I'd consider looking in to Zon Baguette in Tustin, they may be able to handle the volume, and their sandwiches are excellent.

      1. At Lee's I like the Dac Biet (various cold cuts/pate) and the Cha Lua (just the steamed pork sausage). Personally, I also like the salami and cheese from the "european" menu.

        Be sure to ask for the pickled vegetables on the side so that your sandwiches don't get soggy on the way home, and ask them to cut each sandwich in half so they're easier for party eating.

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          Agree on the dac biet, and absolutely ask for the vegetables on the side.

          I know you've made your decision, but I think you'll be much happier at Banh Mi Che Cali, which can absolutely handle the volume, even if you don't call ahead.

        2. "Does anyone have a sandwich that they think is excellent or very good?"

          Yes, the BBQ beef banh mi at Baguette du Jour in Alhambra. They bake their own baguettes which are long, nicely on the thin side, and not too bready

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          1. re: Ernie

            I've been to Lee's and Baguette du Jour, and I prefer the banh mi at Baguette du Jour. The bread is softer, and I thought the fillings were more generous and fresh tasting. The fresh spring rolls at Baguette du Jour are also very tasty. I think they could improve their (peanut) dipping sauce, though. It's a bit too watery. The spring rolls taste good without it or with hot chile sauce, instead.

            Baguette du Jour
            (626) 282-0109
            2436 W Valley Blvd
            Alhambra, CA

            The Lee's drive-thru in Rosemead makes a nice fresh carrot juice. I recommend the carrot juice there, but my sandwich, unfortunately, came on hard bread (hard, as in old and dry). I don't think they make them that way on purpose. :)

            There are other places that I would like to try, but that's all I know, for now. :)

          2. IMHO, their best and the one they do better than another Bahn Mi place that I've tried is their Meatball. Really excellent flavor, very approachable to everyone, and not overwhelming in taste or saltiness...


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            1. re: Dommy

              dommy, you are talking about the Meatball sandwich at Lee's, right?

              1. re: adamgoodjunk

                Yes... it's pork meatballs...