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Jun 14, 2007 11:52 AM

Roy's on the Tollway

My husband and I went to Roy's a few night's ago in Plano, it was absolutly fantastic experience. We both felt like we were in Maui again. The poketini is to die for, I am still dreaming about it, and yhe butterfish is fantastic.

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  1. I agree, I really like Roy's, it's good for a change of pace. The calamari and butterfish are quite good. When we went in February, I had the pistacio encrusted halibut which was absolutely delicious but alas, it was not on the menu when we went two weeks ago.

    1. We went last night and I left with mixed feelings about the place. The service is wonderful and they have a really strong selection of wines by the glass. However, I wasn't so fond of the food, especially at the price level. We had a table of four for a "girl's night out". We shared the calamari and the crabcake for appetizers. The calamari was good, but the sauce was overly sweet. The crabcake was a bit mushy. Tasted fine, but the execution could have been tighter. The salad was doused in overly sweet dressing and I had the ahi tuna which had a "spicy soy mustard sauce" that wasn't so much spicy as overly mustardy. It was not a very balanced sauce. And it was all over the plate, so it was difficult to eat around it. I really want to love the place, especially based on service and that wine list (it's hard to find Schramsburg sparklers on a wine by the glass list), but at that price point, I felt the food was a bit lacking. I'm not saying it was bad, but for an $8 salad, I have pretty high expectations and those expectations were not met.

      I will go again if someone suggests it because I really wanted to like the place. I'm just hoping I ordered the wrong things!

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        I was there last night too. We were sitting in the bar My husband My son who is 23 and myself, I bet I saw you guys as a group of
        women came in and sat at the table next to us in the bar around 8 pm . Anyway we had the calamari which I thought was a bit mushy, but I had that Pokeitini which was fantastic, my husband had the Mahi Mahi and he loved it, and My son had some sort of fish I forgot the name with a green coconut sauce that was fantastic. He loved it. I also had a Mai tai and it was so perfect. I would try it again I think maybe you did order the wrong thing, but I agree the calamari was just soso not anything special. The next time we go out for this type of food we are going to try trader Vic's

        1. re: Analisas mom

          Too funny! Two of us got there around 7.30 and we all sat in the bar for a minute and went to the table just before 8. I was brown dress, brown hair, red glasses. Did you have on a blue shirt?

          Like I said, I'd try it again because of the great experience, but I think I'm going with the Poketini next time. I knew I should have, but two of my party hate sushi so I didn't want to gross them out.

          1. re: dalaimama

            I did have on a blue sort of crocheted shirt with blond hair, how funny I remember you too. Do try it again it's worth the trip for rhat poketini.