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Jun 14, 2007 11:41 AM

Beef Tenderloin 3/4 inch steaks - What to do?

I am making an Asian slaw recipe from Epicurious involving cabbage (of course), carrots and spinach with a ginger soy dressing. I have some beef tenderloin steaks and I would like to do something with them on the grill preferrably to compliment the slaw. Any suggestions? I loved someone's suggestion last time for my teriyaki skirt steak, and I made it into a soup.

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  1. Personally, I'd just S&P the steak and grill it medium rare,slice and serve over the slaw.
    Perhaps add some mandarine sections and sliced almonds for texture. I say this because I think that a steak marinade would compete with your slaw dressing.

    1. You've basically got filet mignon there, and I'd treat it that way: season the steaks, wrap a slice of bacon around the perimeter of each one and pin it on with a toothpick or two, and grill them like that. Very tasty way to treat this rather bland meat, and the flavors would go well with your slaw. Can I come over? ;-)

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        I'm mostly with Will on this. If the tenderloin is lean I'd add the bacon, but if it is choice or better I'd probably leave it out. I have used szechuan pepper corns and ground star anise on grilled beef to add an Asian touch, you could rub/roll that around the perimeter/under the bacon (it'll burn on the steak surface over a grill...)

        1. re: Will Owen

          Sure come on over, I have a pool! haha Ok I am stopping to get some bacon on the way home. I hope cheap bacon does the trick because the only convenient store on the way home is Save a Lot

        2. made the coleslaw, it was delish. Got lazy and didnt get bacon and made some teriyaki skewers with A-1 Teriyaki marinade I had. Big mistake, too much. Oh well the coleslaw was good. IN all fairness, I had a lipton/knorr Asian Noodle package that was delicisou with a little hot sauce so I did not really need the meat. Will probably use it in soups or fried rice tomorrow.