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Anyone Heard Anything About Morgan's in Rye?


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  1. my mom went to there two weeks ago and loved it . Don't know what she had but she said it was fabulous!!!!

    1. I LOVED IT!!! I wrote up a review about it on May 15th? Search for "Morgan's Fish House"....

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          My BF and I went this past Saturday. We loved it! They seated us on time. Our server was knowledgable and attentive without being overbearing and the food was great. We'll definitely be back. Another plus was the wine list. Very heavy on white wines, but the mark up on most bottles was nominal.

        2. Four of us went to Morgans on Saturday night. 9:15 reservation. Seated at 9:30. They were very nice about it.

          They did deliver as promised! My wife had the tuna and I had the grilled salmon. It really was good. Didn't taste like supermarket if you know what i mean. :)
          Prepared just right.

          We were seated by the glassed in kitchen. What a show. Our waitress was delightful and knowledgeable.

          Deserts were pretty darn good too.

          Morgans may give the Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville a run for the money.

          We brought our own wine. Corkage was $20 per bottle. I thought the wine list was a little pricey on lower cost wines ie Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc was $60 vs the $15 range in stores. On the other hand, the more expensive the wine on their wine list, the better the price (2x's markup). They have good wine glasses for those that care!

          I think Morgans could sell more wine if they priced it competitively. That aside, I can't wait to return.

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              22 Elm Place Rye, Ny 10580

              the whole menu is up!

          1. Great atmosphere, terrific servers,good food! I especially liked the lighting and the music.
            The glass kitchen is a great focal point. The artichoke ravioli is delicious!

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              Wow, prices that high and I'd have to pay to get my potatoes mashed?

            2. Dissapointing ! New menu was ok but nothing to die over . I wont be running back there any time soon . Small portion ,Top $$$

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                I agree Morgans is trying to change there look and food demenor . was dissapointed as well . Ordered a bottle of wine and they were out of stock . Food came out cold and hostess was on her cell phone texting as we tryed to get someones attention .Very loud .Portions are small and menu is not impressive at all .

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                  I guess it's a good thing that you agree with yourself

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                    Forget old Morgans. It is no longer there. One of the best restaurants in Westchester for fine fish dining has been turned into a hangout where you can grab a bite to eat. The menu is chock full of cheaper entries although there is still some fine fish to be had. It’s just that it is prepared in a plainer manner. These items are not on the menu but up on a not too obvious blackboard. I didn’t find any reference to the blackboard on the menu and I wouldn’t have known about it but for my wife reading it in the paper. The waiter said nothing about the blackboard when he recited specials. Some of the old finer entrees are gone. The portions of the fine fish that we received were smaller, though at less cost for some. However, I would say that the cost for the diner based on a unit value has probably risen. The portions seem smaller but the price reduction may not match the smaller size. The markup on the wines also seems to have risen. Our dining neighbors at an adjoining table were quite disappointed in the overall changes. Granted, it is a new place with a new approach and judging by the crowds it may be a long term success. For me, I will give it another try or two but unless they gear back a bit to the old excellence that may be it for Morgans.

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                      Agree that the "new" Morgans is not an improvement. Prices per dish are lower, but the food is no longer interesting. In fact, it no longer seems like much of a fish house. Portions are smaller, but they are still large enough. The problem is that the appealing items on the menu are gone. The markup on the wines has also risen significantly, I guess to compensate for the lower meal prices. Everyone around us was complaining about the new menu.

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                        Another one I have to agree with....NOTHING INTERESTING HERE....small portions and large prices in a nut shell. Tried it, wouldn't be going back, they got me this time.

              2. Service was awful and food was worse. Used to be great, going rapidly downhill. Not worth even one star at this point.

                1. I gor a nicoise salad to go from there about a year ago. Not bad, and the bread and side of fresh tomato sauce was a nice touch. They were very crowded too and the decor was nice and new looking.

                  1. This is not the old Morgan's! Have eaten here twice in the past month, once on a Saturday night and last (Sunday) evening. The entrees are good, but stay away from the sandwiches. The fish taco was a dry piece of grilled fish in a wrap with shredded lettuce and mayo. The indifferent approach to service that is so common at the Rye Grill (same owner) has made its way over here. Last night we weren't offered bread, and were never asked if we wanted a second drink. The busboys grab your plate while you are still eating, while the wait staff stays busy texting.

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                        We had entrees the first time and it was good. It was a Saturday evening and they must have had the first team working. The second experience was not good.

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                          Well, I'll take your advice. I haven't tried Rye Grill either. Sounds like I should skip that too.

                          Rye Grill and Bar
                          1 Station Plaza, Rye, NY 10580

                    1. Liked it on two prior occasions. Took my family last night during "Restaurant Week". Served wilted, soggy & then frozen celery stick with Bloody Mary. Fish chowder appetizer arrived in small bowl, only half full. When I told this to manager, she said that it was common practice to serve "slightly smaller portions" when ordering from the "Restaurant Week Menu". This is patently Not True, but would defeat the whole purpose and spirit of Restaurant Week.
                      Main course arrived lukewarm. I won't be going back again. Entirely sub-par.

                      Morgans Fish House
                      22 Elm Place, Rye, NY 10580

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                        This place should no longer be considered a food hot spot. The clientele was entirely made up of privileged 'real house wives'. we were seated at 9:15 for a 8:30 reservation. wait staff was rude and slow. food was absolutely horrible. prices were outrageous!