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Jun 14, 2007 11:21 AM

Gyros downtown DC

In the Penn Quarter, have not had any luck and my co-worker has a jones. Any suggestions?

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  1. Nope. Nothing in Penn Quarter. Port of Pireaus on 12th had decent gyros last I checked. Taverna the Greek Islands on Capitol Hill are decent as well, but they're not in Penn Quarter.

    Forget the Chinese/pizza carryouts. Almost all got rid of their gyro spits and replaced them with this nasty pre-sliced gyro "product" that has the texture of bologna, except grey with little black flecks in. Beyond vile. If you don't see a rotating gyro, turn around and leave.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      Port of Pireaus does indeed to a decent job with gyros and other Greek standards.

      They're on the east side of 12th, between I and K.

      According to their takeout menu, they also have another location at Lafayette Center at 1155 21st St.

    2. My favorite spot for gyros in the area is the kabob place in the food court at 13th and F, near Metro Center (which may be just outside of Penn Quarter, but the boundaries are kind of fuzzy).

      They cut the gyro meat from a rotating spit. The best part is that the bread for the gyros is the naan they make for their kabobs, made fresh in their tandoori oven. Yum!

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      1. re: Bill4242

        (For clarification, this is in the Eat at National Place food court)
        I've been there too and enjoyed it twice--once the Gyro and once the Chicken Kebabs. Wonderful bread, a generous helping of meat, and rice and salad to go along with it. Definitely a hearty lunch and a satisfying early dinnner (they close at 6, I believe). I think this is one of the better food court values. And it's better than most other food court "entrees" I've had anywhere else.

      2. There's a great Greek take-out deli (Greek Deli Express, 1120 19th St) that I've been to twice with rather happy results. I've never had gyros there, though.

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        1. re: maralenenok

          Greek Deli is a DC classic, with lines out the door all summer long. Gyros are great; hummus and feta is great; the meatballs are great too (oddly).