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Jun 14, 2007 10:55 AM

Opus according to JG

It's interesting that some of LA's top reviewers are starting to notice this little gem of a Restaurant.

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  1. I'm glad! I really hope this place succeeds, they have some of the most wonderful food at truly incredible value.

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    1. re: hrhboo

      agreed! i really love opus. the value and the quality draws me back like a magnet.

    2. I'm really glad it's getting recognition also. I hope it draws good crowds.

      1. Just went for the first time for dinner on Sunday - the tasting menu wasn't on the dinner menu and the waiter didn't mention it, so I thought it was no longer, but I guess I was wrong! Maybe you just have to ask for it. Had some fantastic hand torn pasta with grapes, chives and a jidori chicken egg. The pea soup was a little to milky for me and I didn't quite get the point of the mandarin segments floating around in it, but overall, an amazing experience and the som helped us choose some fantastic, and surprisingly affordable wines.

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        1. re: artichokey

          Yeah, the tasting menu is NOT listed on the regular menu any more. They changed their tasting menu policy because some people were taking advantage of them. A while ago I posted something about it....

          I really like their hand torn pasta also. I think the "fruit in the soup" thing is one the chef's signature dealios.

          I'm also super glad to see that they are getting some good recognition... they deserve it and I hope they get enough business to be successful.

        2. Agree 100%. It's about time Opus got some proper props. Jonathan Gold just gets "it." Too bad they spelled Chef Josef's name wrong! (<-- coming from a journalism background, that kind of stuff bugs me).

          Clare K.

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          1. re: Clare K

            i went back to opus and had the three course last week. i think i had overdosed on opus when they first opened, so i gave it a few months and was waiting for the tasting menu to change. every dish i had was different. really good meal. i liked the hamachi with sorbet a lot!

          2. JG ignored the bacos ?