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Jun 14, 2007 10:54 AM

Complicated Equation- Tribeca, Early Fri. Eve.

So, this is as much on a lark as it is an attempt to find something I haven't considered. Hope someone can help!

I have an after-work date this Friday with a woman who works by Trinity church. We didn't do the formal dinner thing for our previous dates, but she seemed to want to do it this time, so I agreed.

The thing is, it's still early in the relationship, so I don't think the expense-account Tribeca restaurants would be the right choice. I also have an obligation early the next day, so it might be a short night, and a big production wouldn't be right either.

So, to make this as hard as possible, I'm looking for something quick, relatively inexpensive and romantic in Tribeca. Since we're meeting early -- around 5, 6, 7 -- I don't expect crowds will be a problem.

Searching the archives, I've thought about tapas at Flor de Sol or Giginos in Battery Park. I think tapas is in the vein of activities I'm trying to strike. Since we've shared Asian bites before, I'd like to avoid that. If there are better places, I suppose we could travel away from Tribeca. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. My favorites in Tribeca are Upstairs and Blaue Gans. I believe Upstairs only opens at 6.

    1. blau gans is great. i second that. when you are ready for the formal dinner thing, try dennis foy (also tribecca -- church st). while not exactly cheap, it's good value, and the food is fantastic.

      1. I like Blau Gans too.
        This place is on my list as well - it just opened and looks cool

        1. What about the Odeon? It's cool, relaxed, and reliable without being "special."

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            Thanks for all the tips! I like Odeon, never been to Blau Gans or Upstairs, but they seem cool too.

            The thing is, they're just a tad too fancy. So I've been thinking about dragging her to the East Village to "26 Seats." That seems about right. Thoughts?

            1. re: caju

              Never been there, but if you Odeon is still too fancy, you can just take her across the street to Edward's or Petite Abelle.

          2. What about Turks & Frogs on Greenwich? They have a very good wine list and an excellent selection of meze. Most of the meze I've tried there have been great, including the hummus, zuchini pancake, calamari, phyllo dough with feta and the lebni. You could make an entire meal out of the meze alone. I haven't been as impressed with the mains and, frankly, can't endorse any of their entrees. It's a nice space on a quiet stretch of Greenwich just south of Canal.

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              Update: Went to 26 Seats. Had a great time -- they treated us very well. I think I made the right decision -- the places suggested are good, but may have been a tad too fancy. Hopefully the relationship will move on to a stage where they'll become the right choice. But for the moment, I wish there were more places like 26 Seats!