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Jun 14, 2007 10:45 AM

Indianapolis Wine Tastings

Can anyone give me some information on wine tastings around town in Indy? I am dying to try Oakley's Bistro and I know they have one on Wednesdays as well as D'Vine Wine Bar.
Any other suggestions? Has anyone had the food at D'Vine? It seemed a bit on the pricey side from the looks of their menu, but maybe the food is fantastic?

I would be so happy to find a restaurant that has some sort of flight of bourbon/whisky and/or whiskey tastings, but most restaurants only have a selection of scotch and no flights at that.


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  1. Contact Khan's in Carmel. Their news letter will fill you in.

    1. I noticed that the wine shop I like, Cork and Cracker in Broadripple, is doing wine tastings in association with the Broadripple Stakehouse. Someone told me that there is a place on 96th Street near Keystone that does specialty beer tastings.

      With Kahn's, they recently announced that the store in Carmel will no longer be a Khan's. The owners are going their seperate ways and will have different names and different directions. I would suggest checking out both locations. And I know that they do spirit tastings as well as wine tastings.

      1. Vine and Table Gourmet Market in carmel is stellar. It used to be Kahn's. They still do their free wine tastings every saturday,, and beer tastings every friday. The staff is absolutely unbelievable, and the selection is second to none in Indianapolis. It's our favorite shop.

        1. I hear the Mass Ave. Wine shop has started to offer FREE wine tastings every tuesday...I believe it is 5-7pm. A different sales rep will be conducting, probably along with Jill Ditmire.

          1. Creation Cafe located on the canal downtown is doing a special Spanish Wine tasting paired with spanish foods on March 25th at 7pm, check out for details.