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Jun 14, 2007 10:45 AM

Looking For 'Q Update Reno/Sparks

The Mrs. is on the road as I write this, on her way to Sparks on "business" and the last time we were there together we had some very decent ribs at BJ's in Sparks. Is BJ's still the place to go to sit down to some 'Q, or are there any other recommendations for 'Q that we should point the Mrs. to?

As a back-up plan, any recco's for Mexican or Chinese?


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  1. There is a new bbq joint on Wells Ave - declaring Oakland-style bbq. I think there may be a post on here within the last month, or so, with good reviews. Also, check out stevetimko's recent post on Peony, a new chinese joint in the Northwest.

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    1. Wayne: I still eat at BJs a fair amount, mainly because its close to my office and sometimes the smell drives me crazy as I pull into the parking lot....but I think its slightly downhill from when you last were there, and as the person who made the original recommendation I feel obligated to point out the Wells place several mentioned....probably my favorite in town right now!!

      Tell the Mrs. to get on I80 heading west (towards the mountains) from Sparks, and take the Wells Ave. exit and head south (left turn off the freeway) on Wells. The BarBQ house will be on her right about 3/4 mile down. Look for the big "BarBQ" sign....its in a converted older single-story house with picnic tables out front. Corner of Roberts and Wells.

      1. PS: If she is still going to be in town on Sunday night, tell her to check out the chowdown invite at the top of this board!! (to Peony). We would love to see her there!

        1. Thanks Janet & Nancy, I'll send her to the BarBQ House on Wells. Sunday evening she should be back here with me.

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            The place on Wells rocks. Be sure to ask for the sauce on the side, as they tend to smother it on.
            BJ's is still good. I ate there in the last week. One of my favorites, but I might be alone on this, is Carolina Kitchen on Glendale Avenue in Sparks. They also may have the area's best wings.
            My favorite Mexican place is in Sparks. La Fuente on Baring Boulevard. Soochow, which is near BJ's, is also great Chinese food.

            1. re: SteveTimko

              Thanks, Steve, I new I could depend upon Northern Nevada Chowhounds.

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                Youre not alone on the Carolina Kitchen thing. Its far and away my favorite bbq in Reno. Anyone who had the pleasure of eating at Flints Oakland growing up will be stunned when they try bbqhouse that sells itself as "Oakland bbq". Thats INSANE. They aren't in the same stratoshphere im sad to say. I was drooling when i read their sign but truly dissapointed when i tried their food.