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Sinis Artisan Glacier (and other less known artisanal ice cream and gelato)

Besides the usual suspects, please tell me about ice cream and gelato shops woth trying - or even restaurants that have home-made sorbet or ice cream desserts I should try. I've already been to Havres aux Glaces, Bilboquet, Meu Meu, Ripples, and Roberto numerous times, and have tried Wild Willy's in Dorval and Patio on Mont-Royal. As you can tell, I am willing to travel for ice cream, so lay it on me!

We went to Sinis (why does hardly anyone ever mention this place?) last night and were pleased, especially by their lovely inventive fruit flavours. The brandy and nougat flavours were just fine, though I've have much better nougat gelato elsewhere (Roberto). However, there were some flavours that we'd never seen elsewhere with which we were quite impressed! Pineapple-Basil and Apricot-Rosemary really stood out! I'm going back just for those two. Mango-Jasmine was also quite yummy.

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  1. Where is this place? Address please!

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      Sinis Artisan Glacier Inc
      (514) 528-2651

      The pineapple-basil is definitely a must.

    2. I tried Sinis today ... the flavours are not as crisp as Havre-aux-Glaces, but the fruit-based combos are interesting. We tried: citron, pamplemousse-campari, pomme verte, ananas-basilic, mangue-jasmine, and chocolat fraise.

      1. Tried Sinis earlier this week for first time & was very impressed. Interesting flavour combinations, & some unusual flavours. Ended up trying 6 flavours. Pretty expensive, but they overfill their cups(they use similiar(maybe the same ones) cups as Havres aux Glaces). So far Sinis & Havres aux Glaces are my places to go for ice cream.

        1. Went back. last night. Tried the Orange-Cointreau and the Cocktail d'Agrumes. The former was good, but maybe not orangey enough, and the latter was delicious with a nice grapefruit flavour.

          1. There's a place in the old port called "crêpes aux folies" that has the best green apple gelato I've ever tried. (In the interest of of full disclosure, my cousin is part owner.) They aren't yet at havre aux glaces's level, but they're definitely the best in the old port area.

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              Thanks for the tip. I will definitely give it a shot. Do you have the address? I can't seem to find it online.

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                I tried the place on Thursday and I have to say I was SO disappointed. I paid $3.68 for the tiniest size of ice cream (minty chocolate) and it was tasteless. It tasted like Scope diluted in brown water and then frozen. Should have gone to Ben and Jerry's.

              2. my newest fav - Bo Bec Cremerie on Laurier ST. E. just 4 or 5 blocks west of Papineau and my favorite flavour is Indian Kulfi. If you don't see it in the counter they usually have it in a secondary freezer. I also like their chocolate-ginger, strawberry-basil and apricot-rosemary. he says that he also sometimes uses lavender with fruit. I go there from westmount, just for the ice cream.
                Another place I have recently tried and liked is Itsi Bitsi on Notre Dame just east of the Atwater Market. They specialize in cupcakes but also make homemade ice creams (not sure about gelato) which I have tried and liked.

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                  Mmmm, Kulfi. Now, I absolutely must go.

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                    Aboslutely second that recommendation for Bo-Bec. Except I find the strawberry-basil spectacular. Furthermore, the Baci ice cream is amazing.

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                      I went this weekend. The strawberry-basil was indeed delicious, but I think I preferred the apricot-rosemary from Sinis;

                  2. I find Sinis has creative flavours but the depth of taste is lacking..What about Plus Que Parfait on Fairmount near Clark? The flavours chjange regularily and the staff is really helpful. Plus they make their own cones and popsicles!

                    1. Hi...was visiting from Toronto and wanted to go back to Sinis for some pineapple-basil gelato that I have never seen here in T.O. I called them to check on their hours and the phone number is out of service!!!! Have they closed??!!??! Does anyone know?

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                        Their Outremont number is out of service too.

                        Sinis Artisan Glacier Inc - 514-276-6480
                        1562, avenue Van Horne , Outremont , QC H2V 1L5

                        Doesn't look good.

                      2. Besides Meu Meu, any other good ice cream establishments in Montreal offering milkshakes on their menu?

                        1. A place on St-Charles boulevard in the West Island - Dolce Vita it's called. I saw it mentionned on another thread. Too bad it is in such a bad location (strip mall between Subway and Blockbuster) because their ice cream is to die for. It is absolutely perfect, and there are so many flavours! I had the mint with chocolate chips and it was minty yet tasty and soooo smooth. I also sampled Grand Marnier (mmmm orange taste for grown ups), Mount Venusio (very good, but the brownie chunks in there tasted a bit like freezer burn), and Irish cream (just wanted to throw it in a blender and drink it up with a straw). I will definitely stop by every time because I find it that good. From what I understood, they make all their ice cream.