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Jun 14, 2007 10:23 AM

Can an inexpensive lobster roll be good?

I'm going to answer my own question and say yes. Now, I've had my fair share of $20+ lobster rolls and they have all been delicious. However, when it came to a lobster roll going for $10.95, I found myself apprehensive. My thought was how can they possibly offer a decent roll for that price. Well, Sonny's in Adams Village has been doing it this past week and I've ordered it twice. Served traditionally on a toasted hot dog roll, this sandwich was filled with sweet lobster, both tail and claw meat and very light on the mayo. I'm impressed!! You can have it with either potato salad or fruit. While, I like the potato salad at Sonny's I had the fruit, 2 large slices of cantalope and a good size piece of watermelon. I'm wondering if Sonny's might have some new people in the kitchen as well, because earlier in the week I had the steak and cheese wrap, which, while I've always thought it was pretty good, this time it was excellent. So, I just thought I would share -- Now does anyone else know of some good cheap lobster rolls?

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  1. Lobster sandwich (mayo on white bread) at Alive & Kicking is like $13 or so.

    1. Grumpy White's in Quincy. Their lobster rolls are $16 or $17 and they are sooooo delicious. Tons of lobster meat (falling out of the bun in fact) with a bit of mayo, served with fries. Just had one about 2 weeks ago. Yum.

      1. Okay, I know I'm seeking the wrath of chowers, but I confess I had a really great lobster roll at D'Angelo's, of all places. Loaded with claw and tail meat, sweet, not too much mayo, fresh lettuce. Yum! About $13. I was very pleasantly shocked!

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          I had my 2nd one at D'Angelo's last year and while the first one was pretty decent, the 2nd one was a bummer. I've seen tne lobster ads but haven't dared go back.

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            I was just trying to get up the courage to also state how D'Angelo's had great "cheap" lobster rolls. I am not even sure they were 10 let alone 13. Well worth the price, loaded with meat, little mayo nice toasted roll.

            1. re: MeffaBabe

              I have to agree. While not on par with with the stellar rolls in the city, it is a decent fix at a decent price!

          2. I'm from RI, in MA at the moment... I've hauled pots, and cooked more lobster in the restaurants I used to work in than most people will eat in 4 lifetimes. And when the need arises, as it sometimes does, I go to Charlie's in Harvard Sq.... and get two for $10.95.

            G'head, pay $23.95 for one in the south end... I walk out satiated. Can you argue with me?

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            1. re: okra

              Yup, though all my uncles hauled pots, I did not... I think Charlie's hits the spot for flavor, but not texture. There's just not much lobster meat in them and most of it is shredded and the dressing (mayo) is really watery. The last time I had them it kind of grossed me out.

              I think the Alive & Kicking lobster sandwich on scali bread is a great value - not an overflowing roll, but real meat chunks.

              I don't mind paying $20 for an overflowing lobster roll (never mind how lobster prices skyrocketed this year) but that said, I think the B&G one is overrated.

              1. re: MB fka MB

                here here on B&G's being overrated.

            2. Let me add Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square (Eliot street?). Two, count em, two lobster rolls for $11. Not the best ever, but ask for the rolls to be grilled with butter, and they hit the spot.

              Note added in proof: A recent check of the menu states 1 lobster roll for $6.95 or a lobster melt with waffle fries for the same price.

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              1. re: gourmaniac

                OMG -- A lobster melt sounds wonderful!! That's even better than Sonny's, I'll have to find my way to Charlies!!

                1. re: gourmaniac

                  I had Charlie's lobster rolls, for some reason I remember the meat as "grey" - either the lobsters had been in the tank a while or the meat had been out of the lobsters for a while.

                  I've been wanting to try J. Hook's, they sound good.