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Jun 14, 2007 10:16 AM

Ever eat Dolphin? Islamorada Fish Company Coming to So. Cal

And don't say it "tastes like chicken" if you have had dolphin. Apparently they serve it at the original restaurant in the Florida Keys. Anyone ever eaten at this place? Menu looks limiting & unimpressive. They serve that does "taste like chicken", but I can't imagine eating "Flipper."

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  1. ya sure its flipper dolphin and not dolphin fish such as mahi mahi, dorado or pompano?

    if so, poor flipper.....

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    1. re: wilafur

      Quite possibly could be! I don't know, find out and get back to me. Dolphin is a mammal. As you might already know, Mahi-Mahi is the Hawaiian name for dolphin (the fish NOT the marine mammal!), also known as Dorado. Most restaurants use the name Mahi-mahi rather than dolphin, so as not to have any confusion with the marine mammal of the same name. Mahi-mahi have an iridescent blue body, and yellowish bellies; they lose their color rapidly once out of the water. Their flesh is very low fat (less than 1%), with a firm moist texture and mild, almost sweet flavor. Mahi-mahi are found in warm waters around the world.

      The menu doesn't specify, unless Floridians call their Dorado "dolphin"

      1. re: Ollie

        Floridians do call their MahiMahi "dolphin". They call their Flippers "porpoise".

    2. There is an actual fish called dolphin, also goes by the name of mahi-mahi...I don't think anyone serves the dolphin mammal as a meal <shuddering>. Mahi-mahi is plentiful here in Florida, so I don't think they mean 'flipper.'

      1. Ollie - I'm sure it's dolphin fish. Flippers are protected!

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        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          So are most whale species - but that fact doesn't keep certain Japanese establishments in Tokyo from offering 'kujira' in both cooked and sashimi style....

          1. re: J.L.

            I remember spending a long, somewhat drunken evening in Japan trying to explain and convince some of my native co-workers why I refused to and why they shouldn't either eat whale. All the while they were happily chowing down on it.

            I'm about as far from a vegetarian as you can get, but in that instance, I felt a connection...

            1. re: J.L.

              Japan and Norway don't follow the whale hunting ban...

          2. I have lived on Key largo for many years and can tell you that Islamorada Fish Co. is fantastic. We do not eat "flipper". Dolphin is a fish (Mahi Mahi) "Flipper" is a porpoise. It is too funny when we read posts like yours. We think "Where do these people come from"???

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            1. re: MsTradewinds

              If you would have read all the posted replies you would have notice I already knew that. I don't live under a rock Missy.

            2. Enough about "Flipper" "Mahi" "Dorado" & "Pompano", has any one else been to this place...besides Ms Tradewinds? Pros...Cons?

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              1. re: Ollie

                Yes I have, in Islamorada, FL, and the dolphin/mahi mahi was fresh (one would hope since it is the Keys) but not great.Same for everything else. The sides and salsas were bland and overall not impressive. It seems to me that a lot of, but not all, restaurants in the keys have the same problem. Fresh fish but not too much "umph" in terms of flavor. You need to go more towards Key West for more exciting food...