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Jun 14, 2007 10:16 AM

Need rec's for July visit

I had a giant file of restaurants I want to try but it went missing during my recent move...

I'm headed out there for a few days in July and I'm ticked off that once again my visit falls on the days Brigtsens is closed. I'm there for my 30th birthday and as always, want my eating experiences to be fabulous!

Places I've been:

Commander's Palace
Dick and Jenny's
Napolean House
Verti Marte
Clover Grill
Uglesichs (closed now I think?)
Cafe Du Monde
Cafe Beignet
Praline Connection

Though I'd love to go back to Cochon or D&J's, I try to visit new places each time I come.

Here's the list of places I'd like to try:

Central Grocery

Can I cross any of those off my list? Anything new and fantastic I cannot miss? I'm off to do some research but would love a starting point. I have one brunch, two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners to plan.


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  1. Forgot, Galatoire's is also on my to visit list!

    1. Try breakfast at Surrey's. Their new specials menu has some very remarkable dishes on it.

      1. You must try Galatoire's as it is the best old new orleans restaurant in town and the atmosphere downstairs is lively and fun. Despite some opinions here that it is staid, I don't see anything wrong with resting on your laurels when they're this good.

        I just went to K-Paul's for the first time last weekend and everything our party of 4 ordered was amazing. We particularly liked the "hot fanny sauce" my brother ordered with drum instead of salmon (he's not a big salmon fan). Our service was also excellent.

        1. I'd recommend August. I ate there the last time I was in New Orleans, about a month before Katrina, and the dinner I had there was fantastic. You get three courses for $45, and they had an heirloom tomato appetizer, done three ways, that made me rethink the entire tomato subject. I also had a crispy whitefish in a shrimp sauce that was terrific and a dessert trio that was amazing. Service is great, the atmosphere is beautiful and relaxed, and John, the chef, drops by the table to chat about food.

          But frankly, in New Orleans, there are just so many great places. KPaul's gets an unfair rap as a tourist trap; Paul is still creating exciting food. It's too late in the year, but his soft-shell crawfish are flat-out memorable.

          1. Irene's Cuisine in the quarter is great, Jacques-Imos Cafe uptown is a MUST!!!