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Jun 14, 2007 10:04 AM

Duluth - good pasta joints

My boyfriend is running Grandma's marathon and I want to take him to a good pasta joint tomorrow night (Friday, June 15th). I'm from Minneapolis and I'm not familiar with the area. Any suggestions? If you have restaurant ideas for any place on Highway 35 North, let me know! Thanks!

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  1. Most everyone ends up at Grandma's Saloon, for obvious reasons, down in the canal/harbor area. It's the same Grandma's as in Dinkytown. Not stellar, but they've planned for the crowds.

    Better food, but you'll likely need a reservation and that'd be a good time to check if they're even serving pasta, is the New Scenic Cafe on Rte. 61 just north of Duluth.

    Best wishes for a good race on Saturday!

    1. Va Bene is a great little Italian place on East Superior Street--opened by an actual Italian-in-Duluth last year. He has some pasta dishes there, I mostly eat the caprese, so I can't make any recommendations for pasta, but I've only heard good things. Bellisios is the Italian restaurant in Canal Park, near Grandma's (and owned/run by the same folks). You may or may not need reservations to get in there--the food is very good, but $$. I second KTF's recommendation for the Scenic Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, but I think of it more as a romantic dinner for two than a place to carbo load on race night :).

      1. I really like the food at the Chester Creek Cafe (aka At Sara's Table). The ingredients are local, when possible, and everything is fresh and delicious.

        Their dinner menu changes often, so check the web site to see if they have any pasta dishes your boyfriend would like. Reservations are a good idea here, especially during the marathon.

        Have a great race!

        1. It must be getting close to dinner time, but I'll still throw in my suggestion: Va Bene Caffe on Superior St. (or right off the Lakewalk, nearest I-35 exit on Lake Ave.). Beautiful view, outdoor patio right over the lake / lakewalk, and excellent pastas. My favorite combo is linguine, San Marzano tomato sauce, shrimp, and artichoke hearts. Yum!

          They also have a gelato bar.