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Jun 14, 2007 09:54 AM

Hawaiian caterer/take-out near Dana Point?

Hello. I'm looking for a good Hawaiian place to cater a birthday party. It's going to be a small celebration with no more than 10 people, and we're looking for all the standard fare: kalua pork, bbq, katsu, mahi mahi, poke, macaroni salad, poi (can you find it here??), etc. If you happen to know of any good hula instructors or places to purchase festive luau decorations, that would be great help, as well. THANKS!

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  1. Is RSM too far? there's an ono ono there that we really like. reasonable pricing and tons of yummy food!

    22205 El Paseo # A
    Rcho Sta Marg, CA 92688
    (949) 888-1230

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        I have friends from Hawaii who eat here often. They say that they serve very good local style food. I haven't been there yet myself, but I trust their judgement. The owner used to own the Ono Ono Hawaiian BBQ restaurant in Tustin before opening this place.

      2. For decor, you could always hit up Michaels or Oriental Trading (look online). But if you want to get it for a better price than Michaels and be able to pick it up yourself, head over to Constructive Playthings in Garden Grove, off of GG Blvd and Harbor. They also carry items for carnivals and prizes. Really a teacher's paradise as well. As far as Hawaiian food, you may want to try L&L, but not sure which is closest to you.

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