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Jun 14, 2007 09:46 AM

What to eat at Del Posto?

Going there tonight for a business dinner. What have you chowhounders got to recommend for me in an appetizer and a entree?


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  1. I have heard that the veal chop for two is memorable.

    1. I haven't eaten their recently so I can't recommend specific items because the menu changes but if you haven't been there before you must try the lardo they put out with the butter to accompany their amazing bread basket. I know people may be turned off by rendered pork fat, but it is delicious. Pork fat is a hot topic these days.

      1. Had a single dinner there...ordered the venison and was underwhelmed. My veggie wife had a risotto with aged balsamic vinegar that was really excellent

        1. i like their fried calamari. not the typical marinara sauce that accompanies it. although, the 2nd time i went for that dish, it felt like the frying was not done as well. breading felt heavier and oilier. but i love the caper / pepper / butter sauce along side for some reason its addictive.

          not sure you can get that in the main dining room though.

          1. A large group of friends and I just went and all did the tasting menu. It includes appetizers, 2 choices of pastas, a meat and dessert. I recommend this as everything was excellent.

            Note: wine list is unbelievably long and expensive. Ask the sommelier for a recommendation in your price range. Also, the "lardo" is served with bread and I was not a fan, Give me good extra virgin olive oil over that stuff anyday.