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Hearth, Little owl, Perilla, Veritas, Blue Hill?!?!

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Birthday dinner for boyfriend? I know they're all so different, what's your favorite?

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  1. i can speak to veritas as a top ny restaurant period. like blue hill (many love it for its coherent fresh food concept) and love hearth and little owl. perilla has gotten some good reviews i read. hope that helps. but it is a very solid list you compiled....

    1. i've been to veritas and little owl.
      veritas was amazing...i went with my boss. little owl is more fun, intimate, cute. between those two alone for my husband's dinner i'd go with little owl.

      1. I haven't been to Veritas or Blue Hill. I'd put Perilla last of the other 2, and I might rank Little Owl first. While the food at Hearth is more revelatory, I've had poor service at Hearth, and my last meal there wasn't as good as the first. Little Owl isn't high on culinary hijinks, but the food is very good, and I really like the atmosphere.

        1. blue hill by a mile. then veritas if your boyfriend is a wine geek -- i mean that in the nice sense of the term!

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            have you done the tasting menu at blue hill?

            i am trying to decide if i will go for it or not...

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              rent a car and go to stone barns instead. i dont dig the one in the city.

              otherwise, yr going to veritas.

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                im not the original poster.
                i've been to veritas and enjoyed it a lot!
                i've also been to little owl...
                but now the original poster has gotten blue hill into my mine. i would have to go to the one in the city...
                anyone done the tasting menu?

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                  While we haven't done the actual tasting menu, we have created our own tasting menus several times. We usually pick 4 apps and one entree and they do a great job of double plating things (soup comes in two smaller bowls instead of one big one, etc) and the sommelier there, Claire, customizes fantastic wine pairings for each dish. Love this place...the experience, food, everything.

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                yes, almost everytime i go, which was most recently last night. always amazing. had the best lamb ever last night, although in another dish i over indulged on a maybe too large portion of pork belly -- couldn't help myself. this is a rare thing, b/c usually the dishes are usually perfectly porportioned.

                stone barnes is even better, but then you have the drive, and if you want to take advantage of the great wine list and pairings, the need for a driver.

            2. My husband and I had an unbelieveable meal at Veritas recently. I highly recommend going there. Have the cheese for dessert, if you're into that, and for appetizer, the hamachi tartare and the ricotta ravioli were both spectacular. Also the short ribs. Little Owl is very nice, but I don't think the food measures up. Ditto Blue Hill.

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                excellent choices....that said, Veritas gets my vote...as mentioned earlier, one of the great wine lists in NY, and cuisine to match.

              2. I think it really depends on what you're going for...do you want a romantic cozy atmosphere or is the food/wine the most important aspect?
                I can only speak to Hearth and Perilla and I'd definitely go with Perilla of those two. I thought the service was fantastic and not overbearing and the flavors of the dishes both engaging and well-executed. The room, though dim, is pretty loud on weekend evenings.

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                  Thanks for the quick reply's. We're not big wine drinkers, boyfriend loves good food & I like a nice atmosphere. Last year I took him to Buddakhan (which he loved), but we also love Crispo, Stanton Social, Landmarc, etc. We've been to places like Daniel, Le Bernardin, but looking for something more "downtown" in feel.

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                    My last post notwithstanding, in light of your latest comments, go to either The Little Owl or Blue Hill. The former is very "downtown," in a country way, and the food is quite good. The latter is also "downtown," but in a more sleek, city way. If your boyfriend is into the seasonal food thing, go to Blue Hill.

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                      Blue Hill is def the most romantic but it's not particularly 'downtown' in feel.
                      Veritas is the most stuffy of the bunch - maybe not compared to other places but out of your list it's the most conservative atmostphere.
                      Little Owl is adorable and great food but it's so small that 'primetime' reservations are v. difficult to come by.
                      Hearth has fabulous food but if you're not into wine it might not be the best place - although you can't beat sitting at the kitchen seats and watching the action.
                      Perilla is great - one of my new favorites... and if you're not big wine people I would say its the best of the bunch for you and your bf. If you go make sure to order the farro risotto side!!

                  2. I've tried all the restaurants you are considering - I don't think you can go wrong with any of them (except maybe Hearth - I'm not a big fan - had bad service and thought the food was mediocre). If you want a downtown feel, I would either go to Little Owl or Blue Hill. Little Owl is much smaller and definitely feels cozy. Blue Hill is a bit fancier.

                    1. Just to add another opinion...

                      Love Love Love Perilla. Amazing food and top notch service Plus, the place has great energy.

                      Little Owl is also a treat which I would recommend.

                      Haven't been to Blue Hill or Veritas, but I despised Hearth. The one time we ate there the food was mediocre and the service was horrendous to the point of upsetting.

                      Hope you have a great time!

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                        the original post asked for a favorite....stuffy or not, which rest. delivers the goods?

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                          umm,glad perilla is in my neighborhood, but after 2 tries i can only recommend the starters. each time the main courses were not very good. hopefully as time goes on, this will change. also service was super speedy with main courses arriving as last mouthful of starter was finished. servers asked for desert order before we could speed read the menu. so not exactly a place to linger. we were in and out, 3 courses: 60 min.

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                            Thanks so much for all of your help. I've got reservations at Perilla- seems like a happy medium. I'll let you all know how it turned out.

                            1. re: bethl

                              hi ... just posted perilla comment above. hope it worked out for you b/c my experiences have been decidedly mixed.

                              1. re: psp

                                Really unfortunate that you were rushed, my experience was the opposite. And in terms of mains, while the fiddlehead fern ravioli didn't quite live up to the hype, the black cod was top notch, I thought.

                                1. re: jsgjewels

                                  good to know. thank you. it's in the neighborhood, so will definitely go back for take 3. everyone there is really nice and welcoming.

                          2. For my birthday, my boyfriend called ahead at Little Owl and they made a custom tasting menu for us. He even told them the ingredients that i didnt like (salmon, fennel, etc.) Sounds picky but it was really nice to like every flavor on the menu. The service was EXCELLENT! They gave us a great table and the dessert was amazing!