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Jun 14, 2007 09:36 AM

A well-dressed Dog

After the Salinas Taco Truck crawl, I came home inspired by Julio Valdez's cart. Who knew that the Mexican hot dog would be life-altering? That my DH of 38 years would experience a revelation for my long-attested hot dog cravings? A good dog on a fresh soft bun with mustard - that's all it takes to make me smile. But now! This Mexican hot dog makes me dance with glee and howl. Hmmm... I have a fresh new take on life!
We're in a 2-day heat wave in the Bay dinner's simple. Home Version; a Schwarz old-fashioned frank on a soft seeded San Francisco-style Colombo French hot dog bun with thick sliced smoked bacon, a line of Best Food mayo, pickled red onions, chopped tomato, topped with Cotija cheese.
It's still not as good as the dog at the Valdez cart. Heidipie said it best, "The crunchy-creamy-soft-salty-cold-hot-flavor riot made me laugh out loud."

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  1. First off, jfood's avatar is THE well dressed dog. :-)))

    A hot dog is dressed at the spur of the moment. It's not what do i feel like later, it's what works for me now.

    For jfood it starts witjh the mustard, and this can vary from yellow to brown to poupon, yup grany grey poupon on a kosher HD is really good. then the decision to go spicy, mild, cheesey, sour. add one or more of the following: cheese, pickles, relish, kraut, cole slaw, tomato, etc. then the creation is ready for the tongue. if more than one dog on the plate, usually they carry different toppings.

    But in the end sometimes mustard is all jfood wants.

    1. My preferences are the Montreal stimmé (steamed dog and steamed bun topped with yellow mustard, vinegary cole slaw and chopped onions) and a grilled dog topped with hot mustard and sauerkraut.

      1. you haven't lived till you have a good hot dog with some good kim chee on it

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        1. re: KaimukiMan

          And this is my goal in life right now. Making good kim chee and dressing a beautiful dog with it! I can only imagine. Sauerkraut? What's that?

        2. My perfect hot dog has my grandfather's homemade green tomato relish on it with some mustard. Thanks for reminding me I need to get the recipe from him!

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          1. re: Neuromancer

            Please post your grandfather's homemade green tomato relish recipe...I can grow green tomatoes in my fogged-in San Francisco garden!

            1. re: Cynsa

              Here it is! His nickname is Cook, although it doesn't have anything to do with him being the cook in the family.

              Cook's Green Tomato Relish
              20 medium green tomatoes
              8 medium onions
              8 medium apples
              3 green peppers
              2 red peppers
              3 T. canning salt
              1 T. celery seed
              1 T. mustard seed
              1 T. turmeric
              1 T. cinnamon
              5 c. sugar
              3 c. vinegar

              Grind first 5 ingredients (drain off juice). Put in kettle; add remaining ingredients. Boil 30 minutes. Can and seal.

          2. Mmmmm - it is lunch time...
            Mine always has mustard, and sometimes, chopped onions and Pretty Hot Peppers.