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Jun 14, 2007 09:25 AM

Emeril Grand Marshall of 2008 Rose Parade! What if the Floats were About Food?

Did any of you see this written up? Apparently the theme next year has something to do with celebrations, and the committee thought he really exemplified the spirit of celebrations. It's too bad they didn't have just a food or cooking theme for the floats----can you imagine some of the awesome floats they could come up with? What would the wizards at Cal Poly do? Get crazy, Hounds, come up with some ideas for food themed floats!

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  1. Should they decide to run a giant flaming crepe suzette down Colorado Blvd, I might actually decide to tune in this year for a bit.

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    1. re: amandine

      LOL! Love the visual, and such a well written sentence.

    2. How about an animated float with a chef "tossing" a Caesar Salad - and perhaps some sort of "mister" that would scent the area with garlic and anchovy and parmesean ... heck, I'd get up early and walk down the street to see that float! (I live about two blocks from the parade route.)

      1. He'd have to have a big room behind the podium full of real "Grand Marshalls".

        1. You'd have to go with a classic: Dan Akroyd's version of Julia Child

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          1. re: weezycom

            That would make a sensational float! heheheheh

            and of course, someone tossing pizza dough!

            1. re: ChefJune

              Too bad they could not come up with a chef who does not turn cooking into a sloppy, haphazard side show....he is a showman, I will grant you that

              1. re: nyfoodjoe

                A giant, spinning "Ice Cream Float"!!!

          2. I'd love to see some appliances.... like a giant food processor. I imagine a giant cylinder on a pedestal made of pale grey-violet heather. The chopping action could be set up like your standard science fair vortex, so that when the processors switch is pushed, bits of leaves and flowers are blown around like veggies being chopped for a salsa.

            Alternatively, I'd be very amused by a stand mixer with a meat grinder attachment.