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Jun 14, 2007 09:02 AM

Albany Airport to VT, 9:00 on a weeknight - Dinner options?

Picking up my mom at 8:30 on a Tuesday and driving home to Vermont. Anywhere along the way we can stop for dinner? I already checked Man of Kent and a) they're closed Tuesdays and b) the kitchen closes at 9:00 anyway.

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  1. Near the airport in Albany are Wolfe Road and Central Avenue, both rife with opportunities for eating. I think that the nearest good food to the airport is a diner on Wolfe Road (take a right at the light and head south about 1/2 mile... restaurant (don't know the name) is on the left.

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      Agree that Wolf Road is your best bet; Wolf Rd. diner is nearby, then, in increasing order of distance, you have Real Seafood, Barnsider (good steakhouse), then good Chinese and Thai choices. All are close the Northway exit.

    2. I take it you are headed to route 2/7 east through troy, headed to the bennington bypass route 279? The Epicurian Cafe, just east of Troy on the north side of route 2 (the small strip mall has a lot of flags), is very good BUT likely closed (or closing) when you drive by it by 9 pm. Just something to keep in mind next time.

      Wolf Road as you probably already know is full of restaurants and strip malls. The Wolf Road diner is horrible (the diner mentioned by another poster). If I really HAD to eat on Wolf Road (on the section near the airport), I'd choose the Macaroni Grill. Yes, it's a chain but cutesy; you can draw on the table cloths, and there's usually entertainment (e.g. singers going from table to table). Real Seafood is fine but not as good a value as the Macaroni Grill. Near the opposite end of Wolf Road is a Chili's, and that gets my vote over anything else on Wolf Road. These are all chain restaurants, not like Man of Kent that you mention. There are *no* good chinese or thai restaurants on wolf road, but I'm a pacific islander so my standards are different than most Albanians when it comes to asian food.

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        Go to Ralph's Tavern on Central AVenue (less than 10 minutes form the airport). Cheap, quick and wide selection ranging from pizza and wings, pasta, burgers, and seafood. Nothing fancy, but the place isn't packed every night for no reason. After a flight, I'll take an order of wings and a cold beer any day. They have both and are open to at least midnight.
        An Albany landmark.