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Jun 14, 2007 09:00 AM


I was driving by and it's opening in the little strip mall across from the Belmont and next to Scotia Bank..... mmmmmm. I HOPE THEY WILL DELIVER!!!!

Anyone know when the are opening?

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  1. OOPS.....guess I should scroll before I post! :)

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    1. re: Susanbnyc

      i'm moving in right almost right behind it!

      they look like they are opening pretty soon - it's just listed as a location on their website - the kensington location delivers..... :)

    2. I walked past yesterday and I thought I saw an OPEN sign.

      1. Susan and everyone-

        I had lunch there today. When I walked in, right around noon, I thought the place was closed (they're open 12-10 on weekends per website and their takeout flyer) since sign was not lit but figured I'd take a chance anyway.

        I never actually stepped inside the Chinese place it replaced, but it looks like a major reno- all dark brown and black, almost a modern steak house feel. I like it but the space is already dark because there is only the circular window near the entrance, but it's comfy. I sat at the bar and the chef says, "John Manzo!" I don't recall ever meeting this fellow and asked how/where we'd met and he says I'm "famous." My wildest dream come true- anyway, he was nice and everything, just an interesting greeting there... He reports that as of today they've been open five days, so I guess the opened on June 18.

        I was the only customer and I do hope the locals pick up on the fact that this location is open Sundays- precious little in the Loop, and this is a great addition, a GREAT addition, so people, step up! Sushi for lunch on a Sunday is a great thing, and it's rare to find here.

        I had what I always have at the 14 St location, a Crazy Buster roll, which is a sort of riff on spicy tuna, with seared (says tempura on the menu, if it's fried it's lightly fried) tuna inside, raw draped outside, spicy sauce, delicious fried garlic. This one came with a bundle of fried shoestring potatoes that are DELICIOUS, should be a standalone side. I also got an avocado roll, which was good but nothing earth shattering (I've never had an "earth shattering" avocado roll FWIW). Thes two were plenty- the crazy buster is 12 decent-sized pieces, not (as I falsely remembered) the massive roll of Towa, but not poor value either. Cost was about $20- not cheap, but very decent value in a nice space, and most importantly, some delicious sushi.

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        1. re: John Manzo

          i'm very happy to hear it's open - i didn't think it was since that open sign hasn't been lit up.
          we'll have to get there this week and check things out! i'm excited about the izakaya items that i've been missing since moving from vancouver.

          1. re: pants

            so...after all that discussion regarding the other globefish location - we decided to try the marda loop location after a long day of moving into the new pad.

            well...the space is much nicer than 14th St, the service was great, and the food was significantly better than 14th St as well - maybe we were at 14th on an off day but the marda loop experience was so much better. That makes me very happy since we live about a block away!!