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Jun 14, 2007 08:55 AM

Rt 91 b/t Hartford & Brattleboro dining stop?

We're driving on Rt 91 between Hartford and Brattleboro and looking for dinner stop somewhere along the way in MA or VT that's not one of your typical fast food stops! I'd love to take my guests to something Americana or BBQ related, and priced moderately/inexpensive, if possible. thanks so much for any help!

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  1. If you are looking for something BBQ related, I would recommend Theodore's on Worthington Street in Springfield. It's a sort of "blues club" type of joint with tasty BBQ selections and I've never had a bad meal there. They used to have live blues on weekends--although I'm not sure if it's started back up again. Great fried pickles and tasty ribs plus good service with a side of live blues.....I'm a fan. Worthington Street's only a few minutes from 91.

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    1. Holy Smokes in West Hatfield. The BEST BBQ within 50 miles

      1. I heartily second jefpen2 rec of Holy Smokes BBQ & Whole Hog House. Where we would disagree is the radius. You can make that at least 100 miles. Here's the link;

        1. Top of the Hill in Brattleboro

          Better BBQ than Holy Smokes - but I find BBQ in the north to hardly be BBQ. Im also not going to make any mileage proclamations as I find it silly to do so unless I have actually eaten at everyplace within the radius.

          Another Idea - you could check out Black Eyed Sallys in Hartford - might be up your alley. You could pair it with music if you go at the right time/night. In CT (not in MA/VT) and more expensive than Top of the Hill...but not ridiculously so.

          1. Curtis' ribs @ exit 4 off of VT. I-91 in Putney VT. will mak UR tounge reach out n slap you for more. @ 1st glance U think it's just a couple abandoned blue busses. then U see the pit behind the main bus.....If UR lucky, You'd show up when Curtis is doing his magic. (Open seasonally by the way) No lie that curtis' ribs are the 8th wonder of the world..... Regular customers from ALL OVER the world come to sample his ribs, Again & Again...
            Trust your instincts N turn off exit 4 of of I-91 N or S bound..... U WONT BE SORRY!