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Jun 14, 2007 08:47 AM

desperately seeking sushi

so i'm in westchester and getting the craving. where does one go up here? i heard of a place in katonah that got great reviews. any advice?

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  1. I'm not a sushi eater, but, when we lived in northern Westchester, my husband raved about Hanada Sushi in Yorktown.

    1. In Mamaroneck, my favorite place is Toro. There was an earlier board about best sushi in Westchester, other people had other suggestions.

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        Hajime in Harrison is always packed and my friend who is japanese gives it A+

      2. Sushi Nanase in White Plains is by far the best sushi in Westchester. It's very expensive, but in a different league than the others. Azuma in Hartsdale is also very good, but I haven't been there since I discovered Nanase. For decent neighborhood places, I like Toro in Mamaroneck and Sushi Mike's in Dobbs Ferry. I live in Harrison right by Hajime. I know people really like it, but although I think it's fine, I just can't see what the raves are about.

        1. Definately, Haiku is the place to go. The one in Bronxville is where I usually go, but they recently opened one in Cross River. (check out the review - . Its small, but the neighborhood is nice, the wait isn't long and the staff is very gracious. And needless to say the food, the sushi, is great.

          1. There is a huge board on this topic that I have contributed to a few times. You should search for it. I'm sure you will find it useful. I hear that Nanase is the best and the most expensive. I have not been there yet. My three favorites are Hajime, Koo and Azuma. Hajime and Azuma are very traditional, meaning very few funky rolls. The best value of the three is Hajime. I'm puzzled as to how/why people think Toyo in Mamaroneck is one of the best in WC. I've never been impressed with the quality of their fish. At the end of the day that's all I really care about. Have fun trying them out.

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              I agree that Toyo in Mamaroneck is nowhere near the best in Westchester. And it's much better for funky rolls than actual sushi. They cut their sushi way too large to be appealing, and it isn't as fresh as the top places. But I do think it is an acceptable neighborhood spot.

              Elizabean, if you like Hajime, Koo and Azuma you will love Nanase. The first time we went, we sat next to a couple that was halfway through their meal when we arrived. They asked us where we usually went for sushi and we told them Azuma. They said they usually went to Azuma too, and they were curious when we got our meal how we rated the fish as compared to Azuma's. When we were served, all it took was a few bites to realize there was no comparison. This other couple agreed. It's wonderful to have such a place in Westchester.

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                Thanks for all of your help. These recs are great.