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Jun 14, 2007 08:46 AM

Cake (restaurant) in Chestnut Hill

If you're familiar with Chestnut Hill, you're probably familiar with Cake, a bakery/restaurant tucked behind the Top of the Hill farmers' market. The baked goods are (IMO) fabulous, and the food has always been fresh and excellent; breakfast and lunch only, with a limited menu (a few sandwiches and salads, quiche of the day, etc.).

Well, Cake is about to take it up several notches. They are moving into the former greenhouse attached Robertson's at Germantown and Willow Grove, and becoming a full service BYOB. Sorry to lose the greenhouse, but psyched about the restaurant: the space is gorgeous, and while their food track record is limited (except for the fab sweets), it's solid and promising.

I think it's scheduled to open next month. Maybe this will be the great restaurant CHill has never had. We can but hope.

(I know this 1) because I live nearby and saw the sign on the greenhouse door; and 2) it was in CityPaper last week. Not one word in The Chestnut Hill Local. Meh.)

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  1. Do you know if they'll still keep their location on Evergreen for their retail bakery business, or whether that will be housed within the BYOB (I hope the bakery doesn't close!)? I too walked by the greenhouse last week and saw the sign that Cake was moving there, but didn't pay enough attention to realize that the sign was advertising more than just a location switch. Thanks!

    p.s. Speaking of the Chestnut Hill Local, in yesterday's edition they mentioned Fingers in Flourtown. From the outside this place looks rather plain, but the writer described it as if it was a diverse, Irish-Italian place with good food. Has anyone been there recently?

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    1. re: Laura D.

      Laura, that's a good question; I don't know if they're leaving Evergreen. I'm with you -- I do not want that bakery to go away! If I remember I'll check it out tonight.

      I've never been to Fingers.

      1. re: kagoo

        I walked by today and the new location didn't say much...just a very small sign that said something along the lines of "Future home of Cake bakery and cafe." In my mind that verbiage makes it sound like the entire operation is moving to the greenhouse location. Let's just hope there is still a strong dessert focus!

      2. re: Laura D.

        Fingers is under new ownership and supposedly has much better food and service than in the past, according to friends who have gone several times since the change. Will be there Wednesday night, so I'll try to report back. The new owners were involved with Mainly Desserts in Manayunk.

        1. re: xtian

          I noticed the Mainly Desserts connection and that made me hopeful that they would be good. I was hunting around online for a menu but unfortunately couldn't locate one. Let us know what you think!

        2. re: Laura D.

          the current location will close.
          there'll be a gap of a few weeks btwn the closing of the old and the opening of the new. this according to the counterperson last time i was there.

          this is hte first i've heard of it going BYO, though.

          1. re: Bob Loblaw

            Resurrecting this...has anyone been to Cake for brunch recently? I've read a few blog entries that are old, and I'm intrigued by the greenhouse setting and their good reputation. I'm interested about the service, and the food naturally :)

            edit: I found my answer in this thread:

            Are they now taking reservations or is it still sign up and wait?

            1. re: croutonpiggy

              Still sign up and wait.

              They take reservations for dinner for parties of 6 or more. (But, as I posted a couple of weeks ago, we found their execution of dinner to be below the high standard of brunch/lunch.)

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have been there three times for dinner. Very good food, very friendly service, lovely atmosphere and reasonable prices -- not to mention byob. Last night, I had a carrot soup and crabcake with asparagus and couscous. Delicious. Never have room for dessert but it is tempting. They always have dessert specials, in addition to the items in the case.