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Any good bars in South Slope that serve food?

I just moved to South Slope (13th St and 5th Ave) from the heart of Park Slope. I'm looking for a bar close by that's good to getting some pub grub and watch a game. I know I could take the subway a stop to Union St, but that defeats the purpose of having a local place around the corner. There's some good bars on 5th Ave, but they don't serve food.

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  1. The bars I frequent up here don't have televisions -- the closest that comes to mind is the Ale House on 6th Avenue around 5th or 6th streets.

    1. Johnny Mack's at 12th St. and 8th Ave. would work. They show all the games and the burgers are very good.

      1. A bit of a walk is 12th St. Bar and Grill (the bar part on 12th St. closer to the park behind the restaurant) at 12th St. and 8th Ave. Also Johnny Mac's across the street on 8th Ave.

        1. Toto has become a bit more of a resturant recently, wiht familys and all that, but they still very chummy, nice and have good food. The bar is nice. outdoors is small but good. it is on sixth and 11th or 12th. Toto burger is good, as is hummus and the pasta procutto and peas.

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            From the original poster - "I'm looking for a bar close by that's good to getting some pub grub and watch a game."

            I like Bar Toto fine but there's no TV.

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              I'm as much a fan of Bar Toto as the next hound, but the OP specified "watching a game"...AFAIK, Bar Toto lacks television. Or has that changed recently (it would not be a positive change, IMHO)?.

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                OP is new to the neighborhood, so I'll just mention that while Commonwealth hasn't a TV, they do allow you to bring in food and dogs. Sorry to veer slightly off topic.

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                  I'll second BBQ. I think the place is great, but I'd recommend the ribs, and my girlfriend would recommend the puled pork sandwich. Between myself, my gf, and noisejoke, we just about recommended half the menu...They have an enormous bourbon selection too.

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                    Off topic, but I walked past there on Monday and they were advertising free whiskey for "Blue Mondays." What's the catch?

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                      I don't think there is one. Blue is a reference to the blue's which they play later, and blue-point larger specials too. The free whiskey is a way to keep people coming back, they serve a different one each week.

            2. BBQ Bar on 20th St and 6th Ave. Good bar, decent barbeque. Get the wings or brisket. Nice.

              1. Totally BAR BQ on 20th. The bbq may not be the greatest but after some beers and bourbon it won't matter and the place just has a great vibe.

                Bar Reis on 5th and 6th...not sure on the TV but they serve simple Mexican like tacos and nachos.

                Or, you could go to that awful burger bar on ninth and seventh.

                I don't understand...you'd take a subway to Union from, like, ninth street? Why?

                1. Commonwealth on 12th and 5th has a big folder of take out menus. You order their drinks and someones elses food. I don't know if they have a tv however?

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                    No T.V. It's all about the jukebox and the $3 Yuenglings. Is Jack's (5th/13-ish) still around? I can't remember if they had a t.v., either. It's Johnny Mack-ish, but probably closer to where the OP lives.

                  2. Recently there's been a lot of good talk about Sheep Station, not sure if they have TVs though. I can second 12th St. Bar&Grill recommendation - I watched the World Cup finals there, and had a wonderful time.

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                      I seem to be the designated nit-picker on this thread. Sheep Station's a great bar, and (as noted elsewhere) serves a fine poutine, but in the South Slope it ain't. Fourth Ave. and Douglass is in the no-man's-land between the North Slope, Gowanus and Boerum Hill.

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                        My bad. I thought the fact that it's on 4th Ave, makes it south :-)

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                          I've heard nothing but good things about Sheep Station, definitely want to try it.

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                            south slope starts at 9th street and goes to prospect avenue. sheep station: good!

                        2. I'm personally a big fan of sitting at Commonwealth and bringing in food from Tacos Nuevo Mexico, or Kinara for that matter.

                          There's also Kitchenbar and BarBQ at 6th Ave. and 20th St. or if you're inclined towards beer, there's Cafe Steinhof at 7th Ave and 14th St (though in my opinion the beer is better than the food).

                          If you can wait a bit longer, there are a lot of places opening up in that area soon. Sidecar is on 5th Ave around 15th... there's another wine bar (Vin Cento?) on 5th Ave and 18th St - ish... and the owners of Kitchenbar are opening a brick oven pizzeria across the street from Kitchenbar but not sure when exactly that's supposed to be open....

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                            Really? That whole area just keeps the new places coming. What building is the brick oven place gonna be in?

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                              speaking of brick oven pizza and bars. The Cherry Tree on 4th Avenue off St. Marks has fabulous pizzas from the brick over (note that the smaller personal pizzas are better) in a garden in the back underneath what can only be assumed to be a cherry tree(?), as well as two televisions, buck hunter, trivia on tuesday night, a pig roast the first saturday of every month and some sort of Beer Olympics Thingy.

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                                I don't find the pizzas fabulous. I posted about it about a year ago.

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                              Re Bar BQ: I walked past there on Monday and they were advertising free whiskey for what they called "Blue Mondays." What's the catch?

                            3. Liquor license pending, but Sidecar on 15th and 5th Ave fills the void-- incredible burgers, good sandwiches, great fried chicken.

                              1. You should check out Sidecar, on 5th Avenue between 15th & 16th.


                                Food is excellent, a step above your normal pub fare, and there is a good selection of beers as well as some good original cocktails to be had.

                                Sidecar Bar & Grill
                                560 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                                  Checked it out the other day. The burger is EXCELLENT. The Vietnamese sandwiches, not so much. The cocktails are solid, although I did raise my brow a bit when the bartender told me that he hasn't made a sidecar in years (huh? namesake drink, hello?!), but small in size. The ambiance is Ok, nothing special - just another chill neighborhood place (nothing wrong with that). I'd go back for the burger any day.