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Jun 14, 2007 08:43 AM

Any good bars in South Slope that serve food?

I just moved to South Slope (13th St and 5th Ave) from the heart of Park Slope. I'm looking for a bar close by that's good to getting some pub grub and watch a game. I know I could take the subway a stop to Union St, but that defeats the purpose of having a local place around the corner. There's some good bars on 5th Ave, but they don't serve food.

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  1. The bars I frequent up here don't have televisions -- the closest that comes to mind is the Ale House on 6th Avenue around 5th or 6th streets.

    1. Johnny Mack's at 12th St. and 8th Ave. would work. They show all the games and the burgers are very good.

      1. A bit of a walk is 12th St. Bar and Grill (the bar part on 12th St. closer to the park behind the restaurant) at 12th St. and 8th Ave. Also Johnny Mac's across the street on 8th Ave.

        1. Toto has become a bit more of a resturant recently, wiht familys and all that, but they still very chummy, nice and have good food. The bar is nice. outdoors is small but good. it is on sixth and 11th or 12th. Toto burger is good, as is hummus and the pasta procutto and peas.

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            From the original poster - "I'm looking for a bar close by that's good to getting some pub grub and watch a game."

            I like Bar Toto fine but there's no TV.

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              I'm as much a fan of Bar Toto as the next hound, but the OP specified "watching a game"...AFAIK, Bar Toto lacks television. Or has that changed recently (it would not be a positive change, IMHO)?.

              1. re: brooklynr

                OP is new to the neighborhood, so I'll just mention that while Commonwealth hasn't a TV, they do allow you to bring in food and dogs. Sorry to veer slightly off topic.

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                  I'll second BBQ. I think the place is great, but I'd recommend the ribs, and my girlfriend would recommend the puled pork sandwich. Between myself, my gf, and noisejoke, we just about recommended half the menu...They have an enormous bourbon selection too.

                  1. re: McJ

                    Off topic, but I walked past there on Monday and they were advertising free whiskey for "Blue Mondays." What's the catch?

                    1. re: DistrictSelectman

                      I don't think there is one. Blue is a reference to the blue's which they play later, and blue-point larger specials too. The free whiskey is a way to keep people coming back, they serve a different one each week.

            2. BBQ Bar on 20th St and 6th Ave. Good bar, decent barbeque. Get the wings or brisket. Nice.