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Jun 14, 2007 08:42 AM

Looking for good steakhouse around Union Square

Hi all,
Any good suggestions?

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  1. The Strip House 13 E. 12th Street. Just a 5 minute walk from Union Square.

    Pseudo-bordello vibe w/ cheesecake pinup pics on the walls, but seriously good steaks.

    1. Near Union square on park avenue south is Angelo and Maxie's. I never went there myself, but it is supposed to be good. Steakhouses are insanely expensive in NY by the way!

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      1. re: cricri7

        We've been to Angelo & Maxie's though not recently. The steaks were fine though certainly not of the caliber one gets in first-tier steakhouses. And the more moderate prices reflect that. The main reason we've not been back was the hideously high noise level that made conversation around the table impossible without shouting. Not my idea of a comfortable dining experience.

      2. for a good steak why limit yourself?
        I second the The Strip House. If you have to stick south of 14th.

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        1. re: josefr

          we go to The Knickerbocker on Univ. & 9th for their porterhouse steak, creamed spinach and everything else. The steaks are huge and can be shared.

          1. Knickerbocker on University and 9th. Great T-bone.