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Jun 14, 2007 08:28 AM

Queens - "appetizing"/bagels fixing platters?

Do you know any places in Queens that do decent platters with whitefish salad, lox, tomatoes, etc. - everything you might want to serve with bagels? I'm having a big brunch and a) can't do Russ and Daughters (needs to be easier to reach by car from Jackson Heights), and b) want such minimal prep that all it takes is someone to pick up platters. I'll of course just start calling places myself, but if anyone knows somewhere that does a decent job, I'd love a recommendation!

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  1. Try Rego Smoked Fish
    6980 75th St., Middle Village, NY,

    1. bens best deli on queens blvd in rego park. i'm not sure if they have bagels, but they have smoked fish platters.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions below; I ended up ordering from Brooklyn Bagels in Astoria. They delivered to my place in Jackson Heights, the food - bagels, lox, whitefish, pastries, fruit, etc. - was good (even if there clearly are better options for all those things out there separately), they brought an insane amount of food for a quite low price including all the paper goods, and they were super sweet to deal with. All in all, they were great and made it possible for me to have all my family over the morning after my wedding without any stress - something that was more special than I can find words for!