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Jun 14, 2007 08:25 AM

Miami - looking for good recs

will be staying in south beach, what are some good restaurant recs? Looking for some good food, but nice / fun places and price is not an issue really. Any good recs? Appreciate it. Thanks.


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  1. Good recs abound if you search through the board.

    1. Just posted this for someone else...Hope it helps.

      Segafredo's on Lincoln
      Osteria del Teatro on Espanola Way... Italian around
      Talula great...
      Le Bon for mussels, beer and Lincoln Road.
      Heelsha for Indian (in North Miami Beach...look for good asian in this area as well).
      Le Bouchon De Grove for French (in Coconut Grove)
      Andiamo for Pizza (Downtown) but I don't know about ambiance...since you are vacationing...
      A La Folie on Espanola Way for great breakfast crepes...adorable place...very French
      Sheba for Ethiopian (Downtown/Design District)

      If you must dine on Ocean Drive...just do your research well...but anywhere is fun. New's Cafe is good for people watching but the food...

      Anyway this is only my opinion of course. Have fun in my city!!!

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      1. re: yomyb

        I agree with Le Bon for mussels. I have been there many times and there is a nice special if you arrive early.

      2. I assume you are from nyc.
        Do social on friday or saturday.
        Prime 112
        Table 8

        Hanging out at segafredo for drinks is a good idea. Also le bon @ happy hour is a bargain if you can make it (weekdays between 5:30-7). It is a good place to go for mussels, fries and beer.

        I would not do any french places as they are done better in nyc

        Instead of dining on ocean drive you should do joes takeaway and eat on the beach proper.

        The food is not as good here as nyc but you should do ok.

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        1. re: tpigeon

          Try Sardinia for some very good and unusual Italian food. Searching the board for it should yield plenty of reports.

          I also agree that Le Bon is a good choice.

          Ice Box is good for dessert.

          1. re: tpigeon

            I just got back from NYC and indeed, the food down here is just not as respected as it is up there. There was so much food and everything was fabulous. Man, I miss NY...

            I second the options listed above. I haven't dined as extensively as the folks on the board, but these are some of my favorites that I think gives Miami the distinction it deserves...

            ---Tap Tap...If you haven't had Haitian food, this place is great to check out. Good food, great prices, and right in Sobe.
            ---Le Bon...We all love this place down here. You can't beat the food for the price, along with the Lincoln Road vibe. Great for people watching too.
            ---Lario's...Ok, some may argue with me on this, but I think that this is probably the only place that serves edible food on Ocean Drive. They do great Cuban here. Good food and price for the location (it's right across the beach). Perfect for having lunch with a Mojito after a lazy morning at the beach.
            ---Joe's Stone Crab...You've heard it many times before, but this is truly quintissential SoFla seafood dining. You come for the Stone Crabs, you come for the classic, continental style dining. It's a landmark down here. We all have been.
            ---Social Miami...This place is all about the scene. Portion size is minute but it is good (think trendy Tapas). Book a meal for late at night (9-11pm) since that's when the crowd is liveliest. Afterwards, enjoy a drink at the bar or outside around the pool. And then lounge hop to the Delano, Shore Club, and Setai up the road. At least that's what I like to do :o)

            For fine dining, it is recommended to try Table 8, Prime 112, or Evolution. I have not yet gone to them, but will hopefully soon.

            Enjoy your trip in Miami!

            1. re: santorinii

              Some good tips here. Table 8 is good both for food and location, one of the few places on Ocean Drive worth eating at.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                If you want great food and a good scene, make a reservation at Table 8 on Wednesday night around 8:30 and then stick around for the party afterwards.

              2. re: santorinii

                I disagree with Lario's on South Beach. Stay away, the management has changed.

            2. Italian - Da Leo on Lincoln Road - Prima Pasta in NoBe
              Steak- Baires Grill, 6th & Washington
              Mediterranean - Creek 28, Indian Creek Hotel

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              1. re: jbd1268

                Da Leo has never impressed me and Prima Pasta, while decent, is not a place I'd leave South Beach for (living in North Beach, on the other hand, it's a nice neighborhood place). I've heard good things about Creek 28 but haven't tried it yet.

                1. re: jbd1268

                  Creek 28 is good but it aint fun. Way too quiet.

                2. Be sure to get some local cuban flavor at Versailles ( Not fancy, but very very good.

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                  1. re: GrillingGreg

                    First of all the op is in south beach, unless the op wants to drive it is not an option. Second of all Versailles is not that good. Puerto Sagua in sobe is at least as good Versailles.

                    1. re: tpigeon

                      I guess everyone has an opinion. Versailles is not a bad cab ride from South Beach and the op said price wasn't an issue. And the title of the post was recs for Miami, so being willing to hop into a cab isn't much of an assumption for a business traveler.

                      As for the quality of Versailles, I'm married to a cuban and have had fine cuban food all over the world, and Versailles is, in my opinion, excellent. But I'll admit you'll do better at Versailles if you order in the appropriately accented Spanish.

                      Nothing wrong with Puerto Sagua, but Versailles is an institution.