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Jun 14, 2007 08:15 AM

Dining in Rehoboth Beach, DE?

My brother and I -- mature twenty-somethings on sort of a budget -- are going to Rehoboth for a few days and staying a block from the boardwalk. Any suggestions on where to eat walking distance from there? I'm not sure what he'll be in the mood for, so what about suggestions on:

(1) "Casual eats" that are unique (read: no chains) and that are a local must!
(3) Something for breakfast or brunch -- like a cute, retro diner or a ma&pa place
(2) And then for fun, how about a few ideas for something a little more upscale? (ie. $20-$30 dinner entrees, no jackets required)

~ Thanks!

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  1. Upscale recommendations: Blue Moon, Espuma, Chez la Mer. All are within a couple blocks of the boardwalk and center of town. All are very good.

    A local recommended Crystal's Restaurant for breakfast. It was fine, but not especially "cute," just retro.

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      Espuma, Eden, Chez la Mer, and The Back Poarch are all good for "upscale" dining.

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        Chez la Mer, Fusion and Eden are all go to places on the higher end of things. If you go to Espuma, please write it up as I have never been. The Back Porch is very good, but I found the tables a little too crowded together. Not sure if La La Land is still up to snuff but worth a look. All of these places are no jacket required, but dress 'upscale beach', ideally. I usually go in sandals, khakis and a killer aloha shirt from Paradise on a Hanger.

        Nicola's is a local pizza/pasta joint that's worth a quick eat and better than the overrated Grotto Pizza.

        Can't help much on the breakfast front, but something NOT to be missed, is getting crepes at La Crepes Suzette located a bblock or two from the beach on the south side of the main drag down a 'street' called Penny Lane (really just an alley converted to nice shops. They make some killer crepes primarily for dessert (but the same place opens for breakfast, think fresh croissants and such with very good coffee). For the crepes, try the banana, sour creme and brown sugar version, it's amazing!

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          Chez La Mer is no more as it has been bought by the chef/owner of Espuma, which by the way has the absolute best food in Rehoboth that could rival anything in D.C., NY, Boston, etc. It is no known as The Porcini House and it has a lower price point than Espuma with a more casual atmosphere and beautiful outdoor deck and bar. It is by far my favorite place to eat in Rehoboth right now, both for the food and the atmosphere.

      2. Cloud 9 very good food, reasonably priced and excellent service, we were there last weekend.

        1. The Cultured Pearl has excellent sushi and the "kitchen" entrees are good too.

          1. For breakfast:
            *Royal Treat at 4 Wilmington Ave is good (and cheap). It's an ice cream parlor by night (usually pretty crowded). I'd give it "cute" classification

            *In Dewey, the best breakfast around is the Starboard (it's crowded and even early is very bar-like with an insade bloody mary bar). It's worth the hike (walk is doable if you want some exercise) or cab ride. I don't know how early the jolly trolley runs (if you are straight, it's worth a trip for the nightlife there, too).

            * there is a bakery on Penny lane that is good for grab-and-go breakfast.

            Food - reasonable prices:
            Adriatico is my favorite place around (next to Nicola's about two blocks from the beach), but mostly for sentimental reasons. If you go, you must ask what Barbara made for dessert - and order it. Her pies are phenominal.

            Grab a slice of pizza at Grottos or a Nick-a-boli and a beer in the window seat at Nicolas (across from sandcastle motel). Thrasher's fries are a must.

            There is a Thai restaurant that is very, very good on the boardwalk block of rehoboth ave. If you are looking up the avenue from the beach, it's on the right side.

            Louie's sub shop was a favorite growing up.

            Mexican-style food, you have three good choices: Dos Locos or Tiajuana Taxi on Rehoboth Avenue and on Baltimore Ave. (one block over) you have Iguana Grill (very good black bean soup, fresh salads, etc. I'd say the least "mexican," but very good). All three make good margaritas. You can eat on the deck at Iguana Grill. Dos Locos just moved and decorations are apparently more "sterile" than in its previous location.

            Obie's on the Beach is near Victoria's restaurant. Looking at the beach on the boardwalk from Rehoboth Ave., turn left and go about 3 blocks. It's a beach bar with a good grill and cold beer. You could easily waste an afternoon there.

            As far as upscale, the other suggestions are all good. Wilmington Ave. has one I love, Planet X, but I believe it is no more. To be a little frank, your sexual orientation will come into play in some cases (Blue Moon is great for upscale, but if you are both straight ... you may feel uncomfortable, especially on a weekend; I'd put cloud 9 in this category as well - just depends on your comfort level). I don't think any restaurant downtown requires a jacket ... nicest I've ever had the men in my life dress are nice shorts, tivos and a polo shirt.

            Fortunately, there aren't many chains in downtown.

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              Thanks for all the recommendations! And, fyi, my brother and I are both straight ;-)

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                Sorry if that came across wrong, but I wanted you to be prepared if you happened into the Blue Moon on a Saturday night ;).

                I'd definitely suggest Obies (Monday night is a good night crowd there, too) ... you can't beat the location. If you venture into Dewey for the bar scene, the Rusty Rudder has an extensice land and sea buffet. I don't eat meat or seafood, but I hear it's pretty good.

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                  Actually, I have never seen anyplace where the "family crowd" and the "gay crowd" coexisted so well as Rehobeth Beach. (Props to the city and the churchs there that actively worked to make this the case.) My wife and I, along with our then 14 yo son had an absolutely fantastic evening at Blue Moon one Saturday night. We couldn't have been treated better and the food was excellent. I haven't been there in 5 years, but it was a great restaurant when we did go.

            2. I grew up very close to Rehoboth- but haven't lived there in years, but I would definitely recommend getting a bucket of fries from Thrasher's (they cook them in peanut oil- throw a little malt vinegar on a hot, fresh cooked batch and it rocks), a box of salt water taffy (peanut butter is great) from Dolles, and a slice from Grotto's. If you're willing to drive to Delmar and have the same ridiculous passion for blue crabs that I do- go to Olde Mill Crabhouse ( and save plenty of room for their hush puppies... I think I'm drooling.