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Looking for excellent places to eat in Riverside city or South Riverside County. Into all types of cuisine, from hole in the walls to fine dinning. Any suggestions out there?

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  1. Check out the restaurants at the Mission Inn in Riverside and for other suggestions, search / post on the California board here which covers Riverside.

    1. Well, the inland empire in general is not exactly overflowing with great dining options, unfortunately. There are lots of the usual chains, which might be reliable but generally not excellent.

      One longtime stalwart that you might try for Italian is Mario's Place, in Riverside.


      It has been quite awhile for me, so I can't vouch for the place myself, but I believe it's still good.

      Also, in the historic Mission Inn, there are several restaurants, including Duanes, which is supposed to be pretty good. I've been for the sunday brunch and that was quite good IMO.

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        Check out Anchos - great Southwestern style food.

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          Not a big fan of Anchos, but it seems like a lot of people like that place.

          I ate at Duane's in the Mission Inn a few years ago and it was a pretty good steakhouse albeit a bit costly.

          If you're looking for a hole in the wall type of place Taqueria Mi Ranchito has really good food.


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          Last time I was there I did the MISSION INN and I was not impressed at all, way over-priced for food so poor in quality, but the service and wine was excellent. I don't mind paying big bucks, my favorite restaurant is per-se in nyc, but food should be quality if you are going to charge alot. I will look into duanes and mario's, any others? This is Riverside just an hour or so outside Los Angeles, this area should be covered under LA area and not California in general which is too big.

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            For something a bit more interesting than steaks or Mexican


            Its in Corona which is not far from Riverside. Downtown Redlands which is 10 miles from Riverside has half a dozen good restaurants. The best of which is The Farm


        3. I would suggest you try "Cafe Sevilla". They're authentic spanish cuisine from Spain and have nightly flamenco shows. Food is great and the ambiance is very comfortable. They have several different dining options within the restaurant. Their website is www.cafesevilla.com.

          1. Napa29 in Corona, Miguel's in Corona, Mario's in Riverside, River Kwai in Moreno Valley/Riverside

            1. Ravi's India Cuisine in Colton. Hole in the wall but excellent South Indian food. Cheap, generous portions and good.

              Riverside and the Inland Empire in general is not known for bountiful places of great food. If you're willing to travel further east, Redlands has some decent offerings.

              1. In Riverside nothing beats having a barbeque at home with your loved one as the sun sets. Stay in and enjoy!

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                  Actually Raxx BBQ and Brewing is pretty good too. The deep fried pickle appetizer sounds strange but its very good.
                  3397 Mission Inn Ave
                  Riverside, CA 92501
                  (951) 784-2739


                2. My suggestion is "DEFINATELY" RAXX BBQ! RAXX BBQ is the shining star of the Riverside area. With all the chain restaurants popping up it is so refreshing to see an Independent restaurant that surpasses the quality and service of the bigger chains.

                  Southern BBQ is their specialty and they NAIL it! Best Ribs I have ever tasted! Prices are fair and you are guaranteed to walk out with tomorrow’s lunch. Jazz music is featured on the weekends. If you are in Riverside this is the place to go!


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                    That was a very enthusiastic first post. The poster is so jazzed about the place that I could have sworn that they owned Raxx BBQ.

                  2. Well if there aren't any Taiwanese style places where you're coming from you might try University Cafe, 1715 University Ave., near the UC Riverside campus. Fairly typical of what you'd find in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles.

                    1. Jammin' Bread
                      3615 Canyon Crest Drive

                      Coffee Depot
                      3204 Mission Inn Ave

                      Simple Simon's
                      3639 Main St.
                      (next to Mission Inn)

                      Antique Mall downtown also has a great lunch place on their bottom floor, but I don't remember what it is called, or even if its still there.

                      1. Grew up in Riverside. If it's something quick and easy you need, you gotta hit D'Elia's Grinders on University Ave (near UCR). The best sandwiches in town (oooh that bread!).
                        For Mexican, try Zacatecas (also on University Drive).. total hole in the wall and it's been there forever.. lot of cops eat there. Anchos is good if you like Southwest Mexican fare. Never been to Duane's.. only very rich people and tourists eat there.

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                          Oooh.. D'Elias does have great bread. Another great place for sandwiches is the Tummy Stuffer.. on Chicago(?)... not sure of the address at the moment, I'm sure someone else will know. It's inside a business park. They are only open during the week, but the bread is freshly made, and the relish is outstanding too.