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Jun 14, 2007 08:11 AM

Mount Pleasant, SC


I'm heading to Charleston for the first time next week. I've been reading up on the reviews of the restaurant in Downtown Charleston and based on the recommendations, I have already made my pick. On one of the afternoons, my friend and I would also like to head to Mount Pleasant. I've searched the board but haven't found many good postings on MP. I was wondering if you can give me an idea as to how the town of Mount Pleasant is like, what the point of interests I should check out, and in your opinion, what is the best restaurant to try there. I have one meal to eat there and I would like to find a place that serves that best food. I'm open to any type of cuisine and price range. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Langdons for very good upscale food. Your Place for great burgers. Post House is hit-or-miss but I have had some very good meals there. Red Drum I was luke-warm on but according to a chef friend of mine is excellent now. J Bistro is hit-or-miss but I still like it. Sette is great for lots of almost-Italian food for not much $$$. Mama Browns has an excellent BBQ buffet.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: CharlestonChow

      I second Post House for lunch. Haven't tried dinner yet. The dining room is lovely, too.

      Oh, and The Wreck on Shem Creek is not bad for fresh, cheap seafood, though lord knows it ain't haute cuisine--red rice, hush puppies, and such. Wait until evening, though, as it can get hot, hot, HOT this time of year.

      1. re: Jeff C.

        Have had excellent meals at Village Post House; I tend to go back to Mustard Seed and Boulevard Diner -- not nuts about any of the Shem Creek establishments other than a drink on one of the decks. The Wreck I don't think is that cheap ...

        Go to the beach, and/or drive around Sullivan's Island for some fun architecture. There's a farmers' market on Tuesday afternoons on Coleman. For something different, a kayak trip through the marsh. Boone Hall plantation or my personal favorite Hopsewee further up 17 (it's all original which is unusual)..

        Next time A Culinary Art Co. is on my agenda for dinner out -- anyone been?

        1. re: birgator

          to digress from food, the main house at Boone Hall in Mt.P is actually not original, it was built in 1936 by Thomas Stone after he purchased the property from John Horlbeck. The Stones also demolished the original house that was built in the 1600s. Some of the outbuildings are original, but not the main house. My personal favorite plantation is Middleton Place. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous, and the restaurant has a pretty good southern fare lunch at a fixed price that's not too steep.

          1. re: sarahyla

            Right, BH is not original. The house at Hopsewee is -- that was my point. Not much to say for the grounds there, but the architecture and interior are fascinating and it's on the side of Charleston where the OP is going. No doubt the antique buff in me I think .. similarly I like Magnolia over Middleton (out of towners seem to enjoy the swamp walk there).

          2. re: birgator

            I should qualify my earlier statement: The Wreck is actually on the expensive side as seafood "dives" go. But compared to comparable seafood on the penisula, it is relatively inexpensive. Since Vickery's closed it is also the ONLY Shem Creek establishment I would recommend, and let me hasten to add that while I've never had a bad meal there, I've never had a spectacular one either.

      2. I just wanted to add Boulevard Diner, southern/comfort food with a slight twist. It is on Coleman Blvd.

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        1. re: lizzy

          Third on the Boulevard Diner. Not a fan of the Wreck or Shem Creek. I too would head to Sully's, , riding around and wishing you owned some of the homes, many have been there for 100+ years, sunset at Moutrie is nice, a drink at the Boat House on IOP (not during the heat of th day though)

          1. re: lizzy

            Mmm, Boulevard Diner, Mustard Seed and Sette, all great places owned by the same folks.

            1. re: sarahyla

              Hi everybody,

              Thanks for responding to my post with so many recommendations! I have checked out and read reviews on the places recommended. I would check out the Wreck, but my friend isn't too fond of fried foods. As for the Blvd. Diner, I will have to pass since we'll be having some southern comfort food in town already. I have narrowed it down to the Mustard Seed or the Post House. I checked out the Post House's menu online and I like what I see. But I've also heard great recommendations on the Mustard Seed.... Choices, choices. Who said life was easier with more choices? :o)

              As for the points of interests recommendations, I will try my best to check what out what I can. Everything sounds great! Can't wait to visit!

              1. re: santorinii

                Mustard Seed is good. They do 8 or so daily specials in addition to their regular menu, which I seldom order from since their specials always distract me. That being said, if you are looking for something a bit more upscale, I highly recommend Langdon's and also Sienna, which is located on nearby Daniel Island. Sienna is a fantastic Italian restaurant that Esquire magazine named one of the best new restaurants in the country a couple of years ago. They do this seafood preperation with a warm white balsamic and tangerine vinagrette that is out of this world.