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Jun 14, 2007 08:11 AM

Need a tasty fish recipe to convert a non-fish eater!

What kind of fish meal would you serve to a picky eater who never eats fish, but wants to expand their horizons beyond chicken breasts? I am not looking for shellfish - I want to stick to something mild and non-fishy. I was thinking flounder, sole, or tilapia? What preparation would you recommend for a first-timer?

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  1. Don't fear the deep-fryer: fried seafoods can convert fish-haters. Try some fried catfish (mild, soft-textured) or even fried shrimp. Can the picky eater be converted by a shrimp tempura roll at the local sushi joint?

    1. The Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook has a really nice recipe for prosciutto-wrapped halibut that I would recommend... not too fishy, filling, but not too heavy.

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        I'm also very sensitive to 'fishy' taste and my favorite fish is Halibut. It has a nice firm texture (Unlike most mooshy fish) and in how well it plays with marinades. Aside from that recipe... for summer, I love just baking a Halibut with some S&P and Lemon in a foil packet in the oven and putting on Chamoula on top...

        Also, I think in Sunday Suppers is a recipe for my second favorite type of fish, Monk Fish. Very sweet and very firm flesh...


      2. Tilapia is very mild and would work well. Doing an encrusted, pan fried or baked option might be the safest way to start out. Maybe coconut encrusted? Then next time you can serve the same fish no breading. This is a tasty recipe:

        1. I like the ideas of deep fried fish and the prosciutto-wrapped halibut. For the latter, I've done that with a sorrel puree as the sauce. I had a non-fish eating roommie years ago, and one hot summer evening, I was having smoked trout with a horseradish mayo, potato salad, and grilled veg salad, and he loved it. The thing about a lot of people who say that they don't like fish, it's often an issue with the texture, as well, which is why the smoked trout was a hit... it's a meaty texture rather than fishy one. For that reason I'd ignore the types the OP mentions. As an aside, a wine like a dry riesling is good for the first timer, because it's refreshing, cleans the mouth if they're uncertain that they're enjoying the flavour. Good luck!

          1. For tilapia , my brother sprinkles Paul Prudhomme's redfish blackening spice and drizzles on some olive oil and grills it. I do the same thing with cod, but I put some olive oil on a piece of foil, sprinkle on the spice and top the fish with thinly sliced lemon, fold up the foil to make a little package and then onto grill.

            I also make fish cakes with a roasted red pepper sauce that seem to appeal to everyone. I usually use salmon when I make them.