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Jun 14, 2007 07:19 AM

Burlington, VT - Ethnic and other dining

Heading up to Burlington at the end of the month to see Dylan play. We'll be staying near the intersection of Rt. 7 and St. Paul Street. I'm totally unfamiliar with Burlington. Are there any dining options within walking distance of where we're staying? Are there interesting ethnic restaurants anywhere in town?

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  1. A Single Pebble is 4-star Chinese food, very elegant and fresh, on Bank Street.

    Parima serves up high quality Thai food on Pearl Street at the head of Church Street.

    Not sure what else qualifies as "ethnic" for you....but both are easy walking distance from your location. And your location will offer you a lot of more conventional dining choices, since you are staying within easy walking distance to the pedestrians-only street/marketplace known as the Church Street Marketplace.

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      The Asiana House on Pearl Street is a very popular Japanese restaurant... the sushi is suppose to be fantastic (I haven't been because my husband isn't wild about Japanese food!) There is a wonderful old world Italian restaurant on St. Paul Street called Trattoria Delia that's out of this world:

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        I guess I was wondering something more along the lines of whether Burlington has any immigrant / first generation communities, with restaurants / markets / delis serving their own cuisines, etc. Either in town, or the greater Burlington area.

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          Burlington is a very small city, so these sorts of options in Burlington proper will be limited, at best.

          There is the Euro Restaurant in Essex near Susie Wilson Road (which is reasonable walking distance from the Bob Dylan concert fairgrounds) that is run by first generation Bosnians, with a mix of Bosnian and Italian cuisine. And it is BYOB, no liquor license, so you can bring your own bottle of wine for dinner.

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            I think there's also a Bosnian place in the North End... I can't remember what it's called. Global Market, maybe? It has groceries and a small restaurant. Anyone know?

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              Found in Burlington: Two Vietnamese markets, just north of downtown Burlington; one Vietnamese restaurant on Pearl Street in Essex Junction. Sadly, these places were closed on the Sunday evening we were in town, but it is surely incumbent on Burlington chowhounders to explore these establishments and report back.