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Wine pairing for ravioli

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It's stuffed with potato, pecorino and mint (and a bit of lemon zest and butter). Sauce is butter, more mint and pecorino. Was thinking of an Italian rose? Before the ravioli is a heirloom tomato, buffalo mozzarella salad and after it will be a berry pavlova. Actually, there's probably enough of us to finish a bottle with each course. Thanks for the help.

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  1. As a lover of the bubbles my vote would be for Prosecco.

    1. Pinot Blanc, Dry Riesling (preferably Austrian) Prosecco or a lighter Champagne for the salad.

      Alsatian (Tokay) Pinot Gris for the Ravioli

        1. For the dessert, I like the idea of Prosecco, but you might also want to consider a nice Moscato d'Asti frizzante, depending on the sweetness desired. For the minty ravioli, I'd suggest going with a good quality Sicilian white (Sicilian whites have improved a great deal over the last ten years - no, really), which would go well with both the salad and the ravioli. Regaleali is a good Sicilian producer. Your best bet for that is to go to your best local wine merchant and follow their guidance on that specifically. I'd avoid Italian roses only because I haven't had one that has really impressed me yet - and I do like roses.

          1. A rosato would work well or a greco di tufo...

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              As I said, I haven't run across any rosati that have much impressed me. Vinosnob, could you pass on a couple of producers that you might recommend. I've had some lovely French, Chilean, and South African ones, but the Italian ones haven't done it for me yet, but I'm open to conversion. The provincial monopoly where I live is starting to stock them for the summer months, and I'm in the mood to buy, so, please...

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                My favorite is from Salento (Puglia) by the producer Palama and it's called Metiusco; usually costs around $15 (in CA).

            2. i think an Italian rose or Ceresuolo would work fine with the ravioli. The other wine I would consider is the wonderful white from Piedmont called Arneis -- it also happens to be one of the world's greatest wines with tomatoes, and would certainly also work with the ravioli. My favorite Arneis wines are from the Roero and will have that designation on the label. The sparkling wine Brachetto d'Acqui is fantastic with berries. Banfi makes a good one (Rosa Regale, I believe) and there are several more posts on the wine board about this wine.

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                I love arneis but I'm finding the younger they are, the better, as a general rule. I guess Giacosa makes one that ages. So I'd be careful if you see some 2004s on close out.

              2. With all the butter I'd favor chardonnay.

                1. Thanks for all the suggestions! This is what I went with...
                  salad: 2005 Astrolabe Wines Sauvignon Blanc (worked well with the grassy olive oil)
                  ravioli: 2005 Castello di Ama Rosato Toscana IGT (everyone said it was one of the best roses they'd ever had)
                  pavlova: 2006 Beni di Batasiolo Moscato d'Asti Bosc dla Rei