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Jun 14, 2007 06:50 AM

Newport News, Williamsburg, Jamestowne?

Heading to the area for a weekend away. Looking for suggestions. We're interested in moderate priced restaurants that are casual, primarily, with perhaps one really nice meal. We enjoy Italian, Mexican, contemporary, seafood, and restaurants that serve a variety of foods.

Thanks for your assistance.

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  1. I am from that area, and get back 6-8 times a year, and have posted a few times about Hampton/NN:

    Otherwise - Fat Canary in Williamsburg has a lot of fans on this board. It has a great reputation in the area, but it skews more expensive.

    And if you love BBQ, do check out Pierce's Pit BBQ in Williamsburg.

    Here is another thread about Williamsburg:

    enjoy your trip!

    1. Jamestown is Williamsburg so you can knock that off your list. Casual, good restaurants in Williamsburg are:
      Asian: Emerald (thai, near Busch Gardens), Chez Trinh (near Staples on Monticello)
      Italian: Sals by Victor (across from Staples on Richmond Rd), Maurizios (next door to Emerald) Giuseppes (near the outlets)
      Mexican: Casa Maya (in hotel row on Richmond Rd), South of the Border (on Bypass)
      Seafood: Whaling Co. (near Busch Gardens), Berrets (in Merchants Square)
      Nice: Fat Canary, Blue Talon (bistro in Merchants Square), Whitehall (continental on Jamestown Rd near 199), Cities Grill (on Rt 5), Le Yaca (French near Busch Gardens)

      1. The Trellis in Williamsburg is worthy of a visit, nice stuff.

        1. For Mexican food, we like South of the Border on Second Street. They serve the standard fare, but also Salvadoran specialties. We almost always get pupusas- which are delicious.