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Jun 14, 2007 06:48 AM

Cakes at Yi Soon Bakery

I was thinking of getting one of those whipped cream sponge cakes at the chinese bakery in Chinatown for my LO's birthday. Instead of going all the way into Chinatown, I thought maybe I might go to Yi Soon Bakery in Allston. I've never been there so is there anyone out there that can vouch for their cakes? Do they have similar cakes as to the bakeries in Chinatown?

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  1. i have to say that i've never gotten a sponge cake from yi soon. but i think that this allston spot completely blows away any of the bakeries in chinatown for overall quality, so i'd imagine that their sponge cakes are just fine.

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    1. re: passing thru

      Totally agree.

      Keep in mind that some of the chinese-style cakes are not as sweet as we are accustomed to. That said, I am a total Yi-Soon fanatic and bet their sponge cake would rock.

      1. re: passing thru

        I've gotten cakes and slices from them in the past (some years ago) and thought they were quite nice. Unfortunately, BFP doesn't care for the sponge cake, so I haven't had it in ages, but their cakes always look lovely.

      2. Yeah, the whipped cream/fruit/sponge cake there is very good.

        1. I have been buying birthday cakes at Yi Soon for three years and people seem to really enjoy them. They have smaller ones (will serve about 8-10) ready to go, but you'll have to order one if you need to serve more than that.