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Jun 14, 2007 06:43 AM

Lunch today: "with a view" or "something boston-y"

A friend has popped into town and wants to get lunch. She's looking to spend the day doing all the Boston-y things, like walking part of the freedom trail, meandering about the commons, the public garden, the Charles, etc. For lunch, she would like to eat somewhere with a great view or something in/near a Boston landmark. Gotta tell you, I'm stumped. Late night drinks or dinner, I have a million ideas. Lunch, not so much. Ideally, it wouldn't be too pricey, or too hard to get to on the T.

I thought maybe Wagamama's, since it's in Faneuil, but she doesn't want Asian food. Is there anywhere else worth eating in/around Faneuil these days? Or maybe one of the pubs near Gov't Center (Green Dragon, or something?)....

The only other idea I had was the North End... maybe Neptune? The North End is pretty Boston-y, right? Are there other places in the NE open for lunch? And does Neptune get slammed for lunch? Are there certain times that are better than others to avoid a rush?

Any other bright ideas from the collective brain trust?

Thanks, smarties.

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  1. I haven't been there for a few years - but you can't beat the view from the Top of the Hub.
    Oh - I know the food is just so-so.... but for a salad &/or a sandwich how bad can it be?
    (Running for cover now,)

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      True -- I hadn't even thought of checking whether they're open for lunch. Yeah, the food is definitely secondary to the view, but what a view! Thanks for that suggestion, Gio, it's certainly an option!

      1. re: litchick

        they are open for lunch and the food is fine (forgettable, but fine) if you stick with basics. I had a waldorf salad years ago that was fine, some kind of chowder, too.

        I'd head to the North End for sure, though. Places like Neptune, especially, are so much easier at midday. You can have a lobster roll and a cold Geary's Pale Ale then hit up your favorite pastry shop for dessert and an espresso.

        If it were warmer out today I would suggest hitting up Sel de la Terre for takeaway and then sitting out by the end of the wharf there. Or dealing with the fine (but forgettable) food at Intrigue at Boston Harbor Hotel.

        You might want to check on the lunch prices at No. 9 Park. Sitting in the bar area you'll have a nice setting over the Common.

    2. Pizzeria Regina for lunch. I actually prefer it in the day vs night. A Boston tradition and not too pricey.
      Maybe the Union Oyster house raw bar for some apps.

      1. How about Durgin Park? That's as Bostony as you can get.

        1. Probably too late now, but for a great ground-level view of Boston, why not go to Dante at the Sonesta in Cambridge? That view of the city is great.

          1. Thanks everyone, these were/are seriously great suggestions, and seeing as my pal will be back in this neck of the woods several times over the next few weeks, I will likely try all of them. I wish the weather had been nicer today, the idea for Sel de la Terre is a great one! And Dante - I hadn't even thought of that, thanks!

            In the end, she decided she wanted to go to the Summer Shack (Boston, not Cambridge). Go figure. Though I know it's popular here to rag a bit on the Shack, we had a nice lunch: fried whole belly Ipswich clams and a few briny oysters (all of these were very tasty), mussles fra diavalo for me (so-so, and not as diavalo as I'd hoped), a grilled cheddar sandwich for her (which she said was delicious -- it certainly looked good and very froofy), and few pints of beer. I think she liked being in Back Bay, and had a good time.

            Thanks again everyone, your input is much appreciated.

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              litchick -- thanks for reporting back. I agree that the Shack has its detractors but I go about once a year and the oysters and appetizer specials always hit the spot. Last time they were doing grilled clams with garlic butter. Enjoyed a beautiful Fume Blanc. Said hi to Jasper (Cambridge location). Not a destination but you can certainly do worse.